ka baird

Just tripped up on our radar, more Drag City loveliness, a label who at present appear to be on a bit of a roll what with all manner of killer groove heading out here, there and everywhere in the various shapes of Wand, Circuit des Yeux and Fumio Miyashita, to name just three. Add to that resourceful list Ka Baird of whom alas, we have diddly information on. Safe to say though that ‘Oneiric’ has piqued the curiosity of our sleeping third eye, a mind expansive astral trip, lulling and hypnotic, its primitive Australasian tongue woozed by the dreamy interweave of cooing voices and whispering electronic dissipates, the effect floaty, amorphous and apparition like, a curious out of body cosmic spirit walker of wig flipping out thereness blissed in hazes of EAR meets Heather Duby unworldliness lost in the ghostly wastelands of Bowie’s ‘blackstar’. I’m thinking essential listening.


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