Admit it, this is quite lovely isn’t it, the way it sleepily snakes and weaves, hypnotic like ripples in a pool after a spot of stone throwing. Just when you’re lulled, you’ve momentarily lapsed to sleep and awake to find in that very moment you’ve veered upon a path that’s getting ever more darker, the shadows casting eerie shapes across the twilight glowed landscape, the atmosphere assuming an icy enchantment, the noir classicist symphonics swirling, swooning and shrieking, their parts consumed in a macabre dance. This is Orchard with a track called ‘we host you’ which from what we can gather, comes pulled from ‘serendipity’ out through Ici, d’ailleurs – rest assured begging letters have been fired off to the label.  https://soundcloud.com/icidailleurs/orchard-we-host-you   

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