drunk in hell

I’m guessing this is going to split opinion and no doubt cause a whole heap of offence. However, I’m much minded to feature it because there’s a lack of honesty in the media world these days don’t you find, heartening then that a release comes along that’s not afraid to say it how it is in declaring this ‘un to be ‘sonically and socially, this record is an offence and an affront’. It all kind of warms the cockles of the heart. This is Drunk in Hell with the brutally frank ‘I’m an arsehole’ – a track ripped from a forthcoming sore thumb debut full length that’s heading this way sometime October through the burning world imprint. A slavish slab of nuts down discontented boogie all scowled in a crusted f*** you hate filled malaise that screams anti everything through every pulsing sinew of its being. https://soundcloud.com/burningworldroadburn/im-an-arsehole   

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