Matias Aguayo & The Desdemonas

Leaving his 4/4 beats and DJ sets in his tote bag for a spot of darkly woven cold waved austerely tipped minimalist electronics, this is Matias Aguayo & The Desdemonas, just one of several bands to be found lurking and dwelling amid the shadowy recesses of the fictionalised dystopian landscape that is Sofarnopolis. Gravitating around the infamous Rabbit Hole club, a group of imagined riff hip talent, among the roll call – Solid Bass, Johnny Frugo, Cold Fever and of course, the Desdemonas, are all vying for local scene adoration. This fantasy land is gathered together on a pencilled for October release via Crammed Discs, incidentally and with much obviousness entitled ‘Sofarnopolis’ is heralded by the teaser cut ‘cold fever’. A mutant funk dark heart, this part sleaze part cool chic sore thumb purrs to a low lit subterranic pulsing vibe whose skeletal framing weaves with shadowy seduction to a sparsely coiled swing that at times eerily echoes to imagine Suicide in cahoots with a smoked out Gun Club.

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