john 3:16

No one does murmuring mosaics of mysticism and apocalyptic foreboding quite like John 3:16, sky scorching symphonies that cast images ripped from the pages of Revelations scriptures, prowl with watchful patience perched upon death headed creaking crosses, from their vantage point surveying vast arid wastelands, the sounds snake to a dance gloomed in finality and a betraying beauty. Originally released in 20111 on the French imprint Sirona and bolstered now by the inclusion of a previously unreleased cut from those same sessions (‘….to help me obey you’), ‘Sinner’s prayer’ gets a much-deserved outing on the Alrealon Musique label. Amid these grooves the epic 16-minute colossus ‘eternal sin offering’ opens proceedings, a fierce some storm chaser ripped and rippled in sky burning salvos whose atmospheric weight draws easy comparison to the mighty Godspeed, as brooding as it is hypnotic, this towering arabesque mistral navigates and snakes to a retributional end game where both turbulence and tranquillity collide to devastating effect. ‘….to help me obey’ is a more considered perhaps more so, meditative affair, its pensive roll carving and cutting to a slow burn arcing prowess that softly treads and trades upon terrains more commonly associated with yellow6, its hypnotic toning calmed and sprayed to a pristinely turned post rock lull, stately might be the word I’m struggling for. Rounding off matters, switching creative hats from author to remixer, John 3:16 rewires Fluid’s ‘disassembly of the self’ – remodelled here as the ‘holy sacrifice remix’ – a hollowing ancient calling soured in a deathly chilled foreboding upon which are scratched eerie visitations from beyond the veil, seriously ominous stuff and best experienced in the cold light of day, not by the flickering shadow light being cast by our own fading candle, hello any one there?   

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