Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping … Transmission 35.0 ….

Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…

Transmission 35.0…. w/e 03/09//2017

Revolutions of a 33 and 45 kind….

Opening credits ….

… this being Sunday morning, we thought we’d delight in something a little hi-brow …..

…. features …

… the Clientele, David Ramirez, Titan feat. Gary Numan, Buttonhead, martin carr, suisei, simfonica, the space spectrum, carlton melton, bong, the machine, the myrrors, monomyth, ka baird, bigflower, trupa trupa, carva amara, jodie lowther, midwich youth club, night heron, opendoor, panamint manse, petunia-liebling macpumpkin, quimper, squadron scramble, the cleaners from venus, wizards tell lies, the polymer cities, arista fierra, just everywhere, dream eaters, general strike, les vampyrettes, le baron, the baronet, the passage, second layer, the lines and the witch trials, sontag shogun, moskitoo, sisters of mercy, meathouse, orchard, Camberwell now, aksak maboul, girls at our best, liliput, kate Fagan, amy and the angels, minimal man, the corrupting sea, john peel, sex pistols, fred und luna, psycho caller, destroy all music,  maximum rock n’ roll, Christmas creeps, somewhere cold radio, motteys garage, big enchilada, faten Kanaan, IMPATV, Cheval Sombre, Luna, strange musique, more than human, toitoitoi, circuit des yeux, record roulette, Robert rich ….

Nothing quite warms like the news of new happenings from the Clientele. An album ready to extract swooning aplenty in the shape of ‘music for the age of miracles’ is due to descend towards the end of next month via Tapete. Ahead of it a new single ‘everyone you meet’ is sure to have most right minded folk hugging their turntables with adoring fondness. Blessed with their trademark whispering spectral hush, this softly yearned slice of smoking west coast after glows softly purrs with a blissed toned sun flecked baroque precision and a radiant sense of vintage ghostliness that might suggest to some that it had walked straight out of the late 60’s. Prepare to be smitten.

Must admit that this ‘un caught us on the hop, not strictly speaking on our radar and neither was it on our listening list, yet I don’t mind saying we’ve come back to this once or thrice finding ourselves entranced. This is David Ramirez with a track called ‘time’ which we’re assuming is a new single. Alas the information trail runs cold at this point. That said, what attracted us to this was its smokey distilling and the way you feel yourself breezed along by its casually lazy eyed lolloping canter not to mention its intimacy and sense of vulnerability, which musically from a planting seeds like sparseness soon peels, unfurls and blossoms wonderfully to fill your listening space in a radiant cortege of deceptively dinked drive pop dreaminess and here’s us, we haven’t even gotten around to mentioning the wallowing ache of those opining slides drifting throughout its core. 

Again another track we tripped over inadvertently. This is Titan featuring a guest vocal appearance by a certain Gary Numan. The track ‘dark rain’ – a shivering chill waving slice of coolly cold shadow playing vintage electronica that comes kissed in a darkly woven chic beneath whose austere grace toning a fractured and emotionally frosted cinematic mysterio snakes.

Every so often, something trips across the listening desk that frankly just has you blown of your perch struggling to find your way to your feet because your busy trying to extract your tongue and jaw from the floor. Forthcoming from Buttonhead, may well at this point in time, be that record. Now if I just quietly mention the Cardiacs as a very loose marker reference, hopefully that might give hint of what’s afoot here. So flippantly wayward and awash in zig zagging stylings, we fear that we might have to tackle each of the seven cuts collected here on their forthcoming download only full length ‘never or forget’ on an individual basis between moments of pause for a lie down or else our head might explode. Okay we might be exaggerating matters a little here, but having made it through opening salvo ‘Robocop sunset’ in one piece, let’s just say you’ll be hard pushed to hear a track so mashed, fried and wired all year. Starts out with – is that – a penny whistle, then in come the Mathian post rock growls, some sun teased lounge – see Stereolab, oodles of progressive psych zaniness – and that’s just in the first minute, seriously it’s as though they are trying to shoehorn every known musical family into one five-minute flame popping head trip which at turns throws in joyously euphoric moments of sun pop, calypso corteges and even some snarling hardcore gruffness. In short, the equivalent of being strapped to a musical version of a corkscrewing rollercoaster. In the meantime, though, while we cobble together our wherewithal, here’s one of the sets less frantic art pop paint bombs, the very Clinic-esque ‘Coombe Dean’ – total bliss.

First single peeled from Martin Carr’s forthcoming third full length ‘new shapes of life’ via Tapete towards the fall end of October, this being ‘future reflections’. A strangely quite affair, its remoteness and spectral ghosting takes a few listens to kick in, yet once connected you become taken by its curiously airless properties, the neo classicist spacing and the waltzing interaction between the pauses of silence and the intimate sonic dapplings crafts an intimate detachment making for something that’s poised in frosted elegance which reference wise doesn’t stray too far from the early solo outings of Rhys Marsh while simultaneously nodding to a thoughtful Steven Wilson. 


Now maybe it’s just me, but I just can’t for the life of me shake the image of Karen Carpenter heading up MV&EE whenever ‘let’s get to the earth’ by Suisei trips into our listening space. A wonderfully smoking and dare we say, light headed and lolloping lovely sprayed in all manner of wood crafted wooziness and freak folk fancifulness concocted by, you’d think, late 60’s beatnik-y hippy drop outs who seemingly have lost their way from a classic Woodstock happening and fallen down a dimensional altering rabbit hole only to poke their dizzily loved up heads in an immeasurably weirder world than the one they’d exited. Anyway, the duo – Yoshino and Shiori – used to be called Mizuumi, one of their releases found its way onto the early catalogue of Reverb Worship who, as it happens, several years later and after much silence and wondering what ever became of them, have just released a new 7 track album entitled ‘Bam Bom Bim’ which aside featuring this tree hugging flower wearing slice of trippy sun psych also features a cover of the Doors ‘light my fire’ which we’re off now in search of. https://suisei.bandcamp.com/track/let-s-get-to-the-earth  

Following on from last year’s immaculate outing on Cathedral Transmissions (‘song of the Volcanoes’), Trevor Midgley better recognised as folk troubadour Beau dons his Simfonica alter ego to return for the happening that is the celestial occurrence entitled ‘letters in time’. A mammoth four track kosmische odyssey, a concept album that builds a modern-day conversation to ‘a significant letter from modern history’. These four individual suites find inspiration and give pause for reflection to events that changed the course of understanding, beliefs, tolerance and the political machine, in turn these symphonic salutes nod to Emile Zola, Martin Luther King, Siegfried Sassoon and Oscar Wilde. Conceived as both an audio and visual experience, ‘letters in time’ has already run into marketing issues with one label passing up the option on the basis of ‘political content’ contained in two of the tracks. How very enlightening in an age where some of us stand up for the freedoms of fairness, equality and truth. As a result, the album finds itself released and self-financed by Mr Midgley himself. To the sounds themselves, one suggests that full appreciation be taken by the listening through headphones, at nearly 50 minutes in duration, ‘letters in time’ provides for a dream like immersive experience that’s shivered in gathering shadows whilst beguiled in celestial euphoria for this ghostly quartet of shimmering visitations are lushly expressed in classically toned symphonics the most telling being the spectral swells and swathes of choral corteges that swirl with ethereal resonance amid  the bleakly beautiful ghost light that is ‘a soldier’s declaration’ it’s haunting overturing casting a head bowed solemn reverence to the proceedings as though like spirit voices from the trenches, the movement momentarily chilling to the brief echo of a regimental drum roll. Elsewhere, amid the trance toned mesmerics, Simfonica takes flight utilising a vintage wash of meditative mosaics schooled in 70’s electronic drift scapes notably Tangerine Dream and Popol Vuh with additional colouring lending reference to both the vivid beauty of Debussy and the gravitas of John Tavener, a point nowhere else better exemplified than on the radiant rapture that is ‘de profundis’. ‘j’accuse’ – incidentally the longest suite featured here, is aglow in a contemplative Church like majesty, its whisper toning vapour trails serenely spooled in ecliptical formations that orbit and shimmer between lulling hymnal haloes and sun scorched grace falls. Perhaps the most harrowing and hollowing of the quartet is the doomed fate sealing ‘from a Birmingham jail’, for here a foreboding chill prevails throughout, its ethereal cascades retreating in a conspiring foretelling with the harmonies petrified and pierced with a disquieting bleakening.  

Interlude …  far out, fried, freaked and tripping ….. the space spectrum, carlton melton, bong, the machine, the myrrors, monomyth ….

The space spectrum …..

Carlton melton ….

Bong ….

The machine ….

The myrrors …..

Monomyth …..

Many thanks to Brian Bordello for putting us onto these chaps, can’t for the life of me think why they haven’t strayed by our radar previously. Anyhow these folk hail from Liverpool and are called BigFlower, on this occasion in cahoots with iDiscordian. Currently doing the rounds as a free download is their latest happening ‘minutes to go’ – a set that’s described by its authors as ‘…. rough as fuck, made and cool if you take the journey’ and no we aren’t arguing especially given that ‘oh dear my mind is fucked’ is so off the radar and barking you literally begin to wonder where the hell you’ve found yourself stumbling upon. A fried cocktail of improv kosmische, curiously dissipating mind arranging foggy mantras and squalling white hot psych pyrotechnics. Somewhere else, ‘mindfulness = stupid’ – the parting opus if you must, is a hulking mind bending dronal trip, think Sonic Boom with Sunray on ‘dream machine’ yet with serious bonged out flashbacks. Best of the set though surely has to be ‘Jesus was alright’ a smoking big beardy bad assed stoner vibed head mushrooming slice of droning psych white out, which I’m afraid to say is guaranteed to blow your mind especially if it’s always been your listening desire imagining in your minds ear a what if occurrence had the Walking Seeds, Jesus and Mary Chain and Brian Jonestown Massacre locked sonic horns in a studio. In truth, this is so shit faced and wasted it’s out there and flying, a full on psychotropic happening that nods in equal turns to Spaceman 3, T-Rex and a pre-techno e popping ‘Jesus loves Amerika’ era Shamen, comes kissed with a bliss blistered swing and is as stoned as f***. Any questions then? https://bigflower.bandcamp.com/  

Imminent on Blue Tapes, we mentioned the highly fancied Trupa Trupa last missive out, if that is the memory serves me right. Release number 25, via download and limited cassette comes courtesy of a spot of, what the label succinctly describes as, ‘ferocious kosmische techno’ from 2nd Sun. As the press release so rightly draws reference, these dudes – a duo – dive into the central core of the molten hive mind that is LFO. ‘totem spire’ – currently the object of swooning fascination around these here parts is a multi layered shapeshifting head trip cut straight from the finest back catalogue tailorings of the likes of Bureau B, Smallfish and Rednetic and fashioned as a pulsating dark star tripping out hypnotic tones of subliminal seduction. Prepare for mind rewiring.   

….. talking orf Trupa Trupa they are set to head a very special event evening (details from the Blue Tapes press folk as follows ….)

Blue Tapes presents:

Trupa Trupa, Benjamin Finger, Map 71

London: The Lexington

Sat 2nd September, 2017, 7-11 pm

‘Sadly 2ndSun are unable to make our upcoming Lexington party as previously advertised, but we are extremely happy to announce that the incredible Map 71 will be joining us.


Map 71 have blown away Blue Tapes fans every time we’ve done a show with them. They may well be the best striking band to ever grace the label.

They join Blue Tapes stalwart Benjamin Finger and our flagship rock band, Trupa Trupa, on the night, which doubles as an album launch for the latter.

Indeed, the first 50 people through the door will receive a goody bag including a Blue Tapes sticker and super limited edition CD copy (hey! retro!) of Trupa Trupa’s eagerly-awaited comeback single To Me’..

Slightly disconcerting to find that the fourth compilation from the esteemed Soft Bodies collective will in fact, be the last. Very ominous and hopefully not a hint that the label might be drawing to a close. More heartening news is that it provides, perhaps their best window shopping showcase of the rarefied and eclectic talent that orbit the imprints spectrum. ‘Soft Bodies bleed out’ is a twelve gathering of the strange, the retro and the sometimes quirky, it’s a set that is bookended by two tracks from the very much admired Quimper, the first of which ‘gentle souls’ finds her sharing a close kinship with both Faten Kanaan and Delia Derbyshire whilst daubing the listening space in a sepia flavoured frost spun eerie enchantment, something which I’m much minded to add is missing some surreally weird eye 70’s television show of its own with which to adorn. Creepier still is the aptly titled ‘byebye’ which closes the set, a lullaby that’s more likely to have you shivering with fright beneath the bed blankets with one eye cautiously wide open in dread fear rather than lulled sweetly adrift, I suspect a degree of Villa9 listening has been the root cause. Those remembering lost labels such as bad jazz and liquefaction not to mention those rather wonderful bedroom ambience compilations heading out of the enraptured sound house, may well warm to the purring tones of the brief visitation that is Opendoor’s ‘angelic’ which unless do deceive had us much minded of the demurring cosmic vibes once upon a time scratched onto wax by Landshipping. Next up, Soft Bodies firm favourites, the Cleaners from Venus stump up ‘lunatic lantern’ – three and a half minutes of tastily trimmed psych tweaked power pop, part dB’s and the Blue Aeroplanes hot washed with the Luck of Eden Hall, what’s not to adore. Previously unknown to us, Night Heron’s ‘3am’ is something of a mellowing slice of seafaring dream drift, the kind of thing you might expect to find tucked up on the flip side of some working for a nuclear free city happening, all gorgeously lazy eyed and trippily tranquil. Ah, Midwich Youth Club, who we don’t mind admitting to loving to bits and who were meant to be at an end until complaints and much tears had Mr Murphy rethinking matters and dusting down the moth balls to rename them open brand, its gets all very confusing. Anyhow I think I’ve read somewhere that this was meant to have been the last MYC track ever, ‘time to get things done’ has a certain early 80’s children television quiz show kookiness about it, all busy and bright-eyed n’ somewhat pop perky, wide collared and shiny, think New Musik going all Jean Michel Jarre ‘Equinoxe’ like towards the end. Talking of listening loves around these here parts, even the most casual visitors to these pages will be all too aware of our affection for Wizards Tell Lies, recently celebrating their / his 10th anniversary, ‘The Roestenberg Statement’ looms through the twilight mists flanked to the left by Add N to X whilst to the right, the Assembled Minds, for what is a ghostly occurrence of unearthly delight. Those fancying their sounds metered in murmuring mosaics that sound like far away celestial carousels might do well to hook up to Jodie Lowther’s adorably bruised and somewhat lonesome ‘the butterfly is ending’ for what is a daintily fragile ice sculptured wallowing waltz. The excellent named Squadron Scramble turn in ‘F302’ though not before seductively spraying your listening space in irresistible swathes of radiant kraut kooled after glows very much shaped in the future / retro vintage of Fly. The mere mention of the name Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin ought to be enough to forewarn of the strangeness and weirdness to come. 2012’s multi media event ‘fish drive edsels’ was and still is perhaps, one of the strangest releases to have veered into our sound space, at once awkward, absurdist and acutely amorphous, it was similarly childlike, enchanted and screwball, something akin to an acid themed reimagining of Wizard of Oz done by the Residents with an overtly worrying vegetable obsession. Happy to say the medication is kicking in for ‘Monosaccharide Inducer’ is by her standards quite normal and more pop moulded, mind you we are measuring the notions of normal and pop solely on her previous output, judged against other folk, it still sounds bizarrely wayward, off centre and delightfully of another world. I’m certain we’ve had the pleasure of Panamint Manse in previous missives one time or another, ‘rock paint’ has something of the Pye Corner Audio folk about its wares as it sumptuously slipstreams into the kind of terrains occupied by the likes of polypores and listening center, more romantically arrested in terms of sound, atmosphere and vibe, a nocturnal orbital love note, very Isan meets La Dusseldorf if you ask me. Last for this final Soft Bodies compilation, in these days of Trump tantrums and the increasingly fragile nature of simmering hostilities in the world today that in turn bring with them the returning spectre of some cataclysmic nuclear event to cast its shadow over the globe, Carya Amara’s ‘Object of Revulsion’ is a cautionary reminder of the apocalyptic dread towards which we teeter precariously, this is cold techno forged in the despairing gloom of Biosphere’s more chill toned back catalogue all relocated and force-fed through the blank unblinking eye of 70 Gwen Party, nightmarish though nevertheless effective stuff. https://softbodies.bandcamp.com/album/soft-bodies-bleed-out  

Just tripped up on our radar, more Drag City loveliness, a label who at present appear to be on a bit of a roll what with all manner of killer groove heading out here, there and everywhere in the various shapes of Wand, Circuit des Yeux and Fumio Miyashita, to name just three. Add to that resourceful list Ka Baird of whom alas, we have diddly information on. Safe to say though that ‘Oneiric’ has piqued the curiosity of our sleeping third eye, a mind expansive astral trip, lulling and hypnotic, its primitive Australasian tongue woozed by the dreamy interweave of cooing voices and whispering electronic dissipates, the effect floaty, amorphous and apparition like, a curious out of body cosmic spirit walker of wig flipping out thereness blissed in hazes of EAR meets Heather Duby unworldliness lost in the ghostly wastelands of Bowie’s ‘blackstar’. I’m thinking essential listening.

First volume of a three-part concept of sorts collection of releases (‘the sea, the sun and the moon’) from the highly active of late the blog that celebrates itself imprint. This is ‘the Sea’ part of the equation, a ten-track gathering of dream pop talent amid whose grooves we’ve been a tad taken with the feedback noise pop swoon of the bliss traced C-86 styled fizzy psych of Just Everywhere’s ‘this is what we do with the horses’ which simultaneously manages to cut a dash in sounding like a pure distillation of classic era Jesus and Mary Chain freebasing on a Creation era Telescopes. Also vying strongly in the initial hearing affection stakes, the Dream Eaters might well have managed the thought impossible task of extracting the elements of the Delgados, Lake Ruth and Mazzy Star and framing their essences into the coolly purring and prowling shimmering sigh of the quite divinely lazy eyed ‘dead on the inside’ – in truth one of those tracks that had a certain Mr Peel still been about, would have quietly arrested its way to the celebrated pole position of the year ending Festive 50 soirees. Lest we get through this all too brief mention without a deserved nod to the adorable twinkle set that is the quite heavenly sounding Arista Fiera who entrance, enchant and beguile all with the yearning shy eyed sweet heart that is ‘Simetría Par’, utter bliss in a word. https://theblogthatcelebratesitself.bandcamp.com/album/va-the-sea  

Interlude …. odd sods and curios … general strike, les vampyrettes, le baron, the baronet, the passage, second layer, the lines and the witch trials ….

General strike ….

Les vampyrettes …..

Le baron ….

The baronet ….

The passage ….

Second layer ….

The lines …..

The witch trials ….. features Jello Biafra ….

Disturbingly beautiful, a forthcoming heading out of the Home Normal sound house, a rare 7-inch event no less, limited to just 500 copies. The release tied to coincide with Sontag Shogun’s tour of Spain and Portugal towards the end of the year features them cosying up with Moskitoo for two tender performances. An utterly affectionate and adorable aural apparition, ‘the things we let fall apart’ emerging frosted and fragile, delicately sculptured in thawing ice tones, the symphonics delicately shy eyed and whispered are breathlessly beguiled by a graceful neo classical hush, the effect really is entrancing as it is teasingly brief, sitting somewhere between a very youthful Mum and Smile Down Upon Us. ‘thunderswan’ over on the flip is expressed with the kind of poise and musical poetry that shimmers and twinkles to those early post YMO outings from Ryuichi Sakamoto, its minimal toning sweetly gathering to blossom into caressing cinematic crushes dappled in surrendering sepia hazes, a most exquisite and rarefied thing of bewitching beauty.

Incoming shortly, Friday in fact, a Sisters of Mercy retrospective all housed in a sumptuous box set that features four slabs of vinyl, two extended sets gathering together ‘the reptile house’ recordings along with a plethora of early sightings including ‘damage done’ and ‘body electric’ as well as the extended mix of ‘83’s ‘temple of love’. In addition, you’ll find two 12-inch singles gathering together ‘92’s Ofra rephrasing of ‘temple of love’ along with a reworking of ‘Alice’ plus several retooled mixes, incidentally the set is entitled ‘some girls wander by mistake’ ….. here’s two of our favourite SoM moments – ‘Alice’ and ‘lights’ …..

Interlude …. more odd sods …. Camberwell now, aksak maboul, girls at our best, liliput, kate Fagan, amy and the angels, minimal man …..

Camberwell now …..

Aksak maboul …..

Girls at our best …..

Liliput …

Kate Fagan …..

Amy and the Angels …..

Minimal man ….

Admit it, this is quite lovely isn’t it, the way it sleepily snakes and weaves, hypnotic like ripples in a pool after a spot of stone throwing. Just when you’re lulled, you’ve momentarily lapsed to sleep and awake to find in that very moment you’ve veered upon a path that’s getting ever more darker, the shadows casting eerie shapes across the twilight glowed landscape, the atmosphere assuming an icy enchantment, the noir classicist symphonics swirling, swooning and shrieking, their parts consumed in a macabre dance. This is Orchard with a track called ‘we host you’ which from what we can gather, comes pulled from ‘serendipity’ out through Ici, d’ailleurs – rest assured begging letters have been fired off to the label.  https://soundcloud.com/icidailleurs/orchard-we-host-you    

At this point where suspecting you’d just fancy hearing some head melting freeform zonk groove, which in the case it happens that you don’t then tough for here’s Wizards Tell Lies dude Matt Bower – second mention today no less aiding and abetting Mark Chickenfish as Meat House with the voodoid stomp ‘dragbeat’. Something I’m of the reckoning that ought to ping the ears of folk well familiar with the earlier happenings heading out the much adored Foolproof Projects stable, head melting primitivism replete with oodles of loaded and locked frontal lobe frying groove, if truth be told had us much minded of a youthful Shit n’ Shine had they been trying out for Beta Lactam Ring action. https://soundcloud.com/crazydesertman/meat-house-dragbeat  

Another release that due to time constraints and other such nonsense, like life and work, we’ve not really given half as much time as we would have liked, is Polymer Cities aborted ‘abandoned structures’ which I’m happy tto say is currently doing the rounds on bandcamp and serves as a pre-cursor to his October planned ‘data rot’. Must admit we haven’t taken notice, until now that is, but check the tracklisting, follows a creepy little dialogue, how we missed that first time of asking is beyond us. Anyhow waffling aside, we just wanted to point you in the general direction of ‘on you setee’ which sound wise acts as a brief departure for the PC / MYC in so much as it veers deliciously into the kind of milky murmured Detroit techno /free flowing ambient terrains more commonly associated with Cyan341.  https://thepolymercities.bandcamp.com/album/abandoned-structures   

Mentioned in despatches somewhere here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/08/25/trupa-trupa-2/ – this is the newly peeled video adoring ‘to me’ by Trupa Trupa, yep the bliss bathed celestial heartbreaker currently a thing of obsession around these here parts and with good reason to. Second album looming very close by the name ‘jolly new songs’ through Ici d’ailleurs and Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records is eagerly anticipated …….

Interlude ….. Mr Peel …..belated birthday wishes …. the radio has never been the same since you left …

Immense, immaculate and deeply immersive, an album that requires your full undivided attention, best experienced through headphones in so much that way you can shut out the outside world and fall deep into its dream like oceans. This is the debuting solo / off shoot event of Pete Sendelica know as the fellowship of the hallucinatory voyagers. Entitled ‘this is no wilderness’ and spread across five interlocking suites, it’s a mammoth and vividly colourful odyssey far removed from the usual Sendelica beardiness, reaching far into inner space, this serenely dappled paradise is awash in astral textures, at times an imagining of a Floyd in slo-mo having shifted to the next layer of consciousness. Accompanied by a stellar cast that includes Marc Swordfish, Colin Consterdine, Lindsay Smith, Lee Relfe, Lisa Button and Virginia Tate, ‘this is no wilderness’ is a revelation in terms of a sensory experience, recent listening happenings from Earthling Society and Cranium Pie have achieved similar adventures in sound, we should mention the more ambient arm of Ozric Tentacles at this point as well, however this set takes that level to a more spiritual, say more attuned to the elements, nature and self-awareness than those mentioned, in so doing setting it on a path rarely explored with more sensitivity, detail or design since those legendary mid-70’s visitations by Embryo. The key byword afoot here it seems, is less is more, with its unfussed varnishing and the merest of detailing, a free flowing and free-spirited fluidity is drawn to the fore, from the moment the hazy fog that greets ‘moonlit moorings’ clears and the waking overture of bird chorus’ and the neo classicist tethering descend and coalesce to form a sense making picture, you become immediately aware that you’ve left wherever behind, swapping it for a place touched in sensurround tranquillity. Disembodied voices add narrative to this dream like voyage, the sounds lush and orchestral dissipate between pastoral flurries and woozy flotillas of cosmic airiness, the landscapes dissolve in shape shifting formations smothering and moulding around you almost pre-natal and womb like. Tripped in crystalline ripples, ‘Lindsay’s yellow house’ is as eerie and mysterious as it is enchanting and magical, a ghost like spectral sonic vision fuelled on dream drift vapour trails. ‘the persistent rower’ all said the best thing here, is graced with a gravitas that’s speared upon a primitive earth song that’s daubed in a timeless tongue that’s equal parts monastic chorals, dronal mantras and tribal tonalities. It’s only when the parting colossus that is ‘taith yr afon teifi’ rears into view to draw the set to a close, that the Sendelica influence manifests and even then, its crafted in a superbly mesmeric dub doused cosmically flighted motif that owes much to the involvement of Astralasia’s Marc Swordfish. Stunning in a word.  https://sendelica.bandcamp.com/album/the-fellowship-of-hallucinatory-voyagers-this-is-no-wilderness  

Again, another release deserving of a quiet spot with which to appreciate its close fractured atmospheric beauty. Just out via somewhere cold records, the final instalment of a trilogy of releases by the Corrupting Sea sees a limited issue of ‘symphony of a radical’ – a set which even by its authors own description is ‘fraught with moments of darkness and despair but not without an underlying hope’. Hell’s teeth he was kidding, for here beneath the growling sigh of overcasting clouds, there’s a bleakening beauty that’s framed and poised here, the familiar tropes expressed on both ‘Samatta’ and ‘Resist’ are still in attendance, all finitely scalped in a sparse majesty that weaves and veers to a hypnotic palette appreciably schooled in the ways of a youthful Kranky back catalogue and the late 80’s New Zealand noise scene, in fact if we didn’t know better we’d have surmised that ‘may I speak frankly? Fuck off good Sir!’ was a prime career forgotten Godspeed salvo featuring a guest appearance by Bruce Russell. It’s not so much that ‘symphony of a radical’ is, as the author puts it, dark and despairing’, rather more it’s thoughtful, reflective and remote, the salty burn from the oceanic opine of ‘plague of golden locusts’ and ‘intro’ being two prime examples, the former adrift and lost in the moment draws parallels to the sonic work board of Flying Saucer Attack, a solemn seafaring ghost light with the former tonally wrestled in the merest of minimalist flashings, its noir murmurings forging an acute kinship with both Yellow6 and Gnac (the effect is revisited and explored again in a more cinematic reading on ‘the refuge’). Elsewhere, there’s something touchingly hymnal and reverential about ‘my head is full of facts and dangerous’, its quietly statuesque and shy like drift scaped harmonic song radiating like search light sirens through the dense thick fog. Similarly ghosted in celestial shimmer tones, the mellowing passing apparition like ‘wake sleep’ is tenderly sculptured and subdued in snow frosted ethereal haloes, which leaves the epic 12 minute ‘the exit’ to steer matters towards the end groove though not before ominously fixing you with its dead eyed stare whilst culturing a bruised and damaged slice of spy noir solace which into the bargain crafts something of a masterclass in the execution and delivery of poise, atmosphere and stilled, albeit fractured, elegance. https://thecorruptingsea1.bandcamp.com/album/symphony-of-a-radical

Spied this on the yoo tube picture box, not sure whether this is new, old, unreleased or whatever, truth being we are losing track of the days let alone releases. Anyhow, this is Fred und Luna who aside having adored these pages previously in earlier despatches, feature again – twice I’ll have know later this very missive. This is ‘Zoo’ which I’m sure you’ll agree is up there with that rather wonderful Diagnos release currently doing the round in ethereal pop world, must admit to being a tad smitten by the lilting balletic nature of this, it’s classicist kosmische twinkling purred in a wonderfully alluring symmetrical formation.

Stuff ….

… a bit of Pistols ….







some vintage Faten Kanaan footage taken from the Japanese music show ESP …..



happenings from IMPAtv …..

… seriously need to get some order in this gaff, can’t find the press release gubbins to confirm what i’m actually noting here is actually happening …. but there’s two Feral Child releases about to drop both featuring Luna – one of which might – i’m sure i’ve read … feature Cheval Sombre …. in readiness here’s a pot of Luna / Cheval cosiness to faint to …..

…. we are a little behind with these …. But here’s a recent more than human transmission – a 2 hour special with one hour given over to dancey delights and the other to all manner of electronic bobbins …. We suggest you immediately direct yourselves to around the 49.30 mark for the quite wonderful toitoitoi whose ‘Tanz um den Kopf‘ really does have the kooky vibe of vintage Raymond Scott playfully ruminating about its grooving ……


if we’ve got all our ducks in a row … this’ll be the second time – well third – this edition we’ve mentioned fred und luna …. if we haven’t then kindly sit down nothing to see here …….


.. here’s Fred und Luna again …. A special dj / mixtape typething …..


…. arghhhh…  why aren’t these  blighters on download ….. another show we’ve fell over …. well worth investigating ….


… more Peel ….





… mentioned these folk a little while back …. New stuff on drag city …. This is Circuit des yeux ….




Contact resources….

Email – marklosingtoday@gmail.com

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/thesundayexperience

Word press – marklosingtoday.wordpress.com

Twitter – @marklosingtoday

Physical – 46 Webster Avenue, BOOTLE, Merseyside, L20 9JF, UK


End credits ….

Robert Rich …..8 hours of …..

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