the sun ….

I’m sure we have Prana Crafter groove lurking on our to do list, certain they’ve been in touch recently. For now, though, while we rummage around the messages and the hard drive, here’s a track they’ve contributed to the latest volume in the blog that celebrates itself’s extended trilogy of compilations entitled ‘the sea’, ‘the sun’ and ‘the moon’, this collection being ‘the sun’ part of that three-way gathering. Anyhow you’ll find this particular track, incidentally entitled ‘as the weather commands,’ drawing matters to a close. In truth sounds as though it’s just emerged from some seriously bonged out early 70’s haze woozily oozed in the kind of stoner trippiness, the type of these days most are accustomed to hearing heading out from the more freak psych terrains of Japan, not to mention Dungen and Bardo Pond, all seriously kissed with a mystical aura and very spacey with it. Elsewhere to the fore of the set, Le Plaisir do the kind of effervescently caressed dream toned psych pop that’s succulently filtered through kaleidoscopic sunglasses with ‘feathers’ lightly shimmering in orbital formations sugared by hushly tipped harmonies and a teasing of feel good radiant riff ripples, quite blissful if you ask me. Last for this particular, brief mention, promise we’ll be back, this is ‘fuzzy mt.’ by DoZzz, what can I say, dissolving dissipates of dream pop delirium floating over vapour puffed ethereal Cocteau-ian bliss whispers, really is quite the cutie.


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