kemper norton

Would you believe that at this moment I’m frantically rummaging through our in box as I swear I’ve a download with press release to boot, lurking somewhere there, which due to some massive oversight, we’ve till now had, what can only be described as, a total absence of memory and sense in thus far missing. Anyhow this be Kemper Norton, it’s been too long since they last troubled these pages, the latest ‘Hungan’ is inspired, well we’ll let them tell you eh …. ‘….by the story of ‘Cruel Coppinger’, the semi-legendary Danish privateer and gang leader who terrorised the north Cornish coast in the late eighteenth century’, okay good luck with that but whatever happened to simple old boy meets girl happy songs. Now admittedly, this is darkly brooding stuff and not for the first time these last few missives, something that by these ears, sounds as though it should have creeped out on the much-loved Boring Machines imprint. As said this set comes ghosted in forgotten musical tongues where play ancestral spirits, shimmered in a stilled elegance, these woodland ghost lights flicker with an eerie majesty with ‘hungan 2’ particularly catching the earlobes as it emerges through the twilight haze graced in a glacial hymnal toning that spirit walks between Nico and Dead Can Dance. Elsewhere, the ice thawing enchantment of the petrified ‘Imeas’ is hushed in such fragile bowed unworldliness that you suspect the merest movement from its lulling fixed stare might shatter the spectral tranquility.   

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