Must admit, we can’t get enough of this. Tis true there should be more Schnauser in these pages, but to be honest the blighters never tell us of their releases, rather it’s left for us to trip over them, if we are lucky, while out and about on various rambles. Anyhow enough grumbling, this is ‘the Monday club’ from a full length set by the name ‘Irritant’ which we believe is out and about doing its stuff via bad elephant music. Aside being so intricately cut that it’s liable to flip your wig and reshape your headspace whilst contentedly appearing on the less erratic and head shrooming edge of the Cardiacs’ sphere of influence spending evenings blissing out through listening to Kevin Ayers. A curiously manifesting progressive folk cornucopia which in truth sounds like a kind of hot wash blur of some early 70’s hipster record collection, there’s definitely Supersister grooviness afoot here cooking in a mix whereupon additional sonic ingredients from the Wizards of Twiddly, Cranium Pie and The Lancashire Hustlers lurk in abundant quantities.

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