forest swords

Simply stunning in so much as this manages to operate and touch on so many musical levels. This is Forest Swords with ‘raw language’, a track taken from his current Ninja Tune full length ‘compassion’, an album which I’ll admit has been receiving a fair amount of listening space when the evening folds into the days end during down time in our gaff. In truth, it might take a few listens to kick in, the shifts in pace and perspective are so astounding that its forgivable to miss its intricate nuances first time of asking. An expression of joy ripples through this, it’s jubilant reach amorphously free-spirited, speaks with a multi lingual tongue that snakes and charms to craft an aural map of adventure both bespoke in spiritualism and classicism whereupon weaved into its colourfully radiant tapestry elements of hip hop, earth beat, world song and dub are wired upon a hymnal phrasing all the time nodding reference wise to Reich, Riley and a youthful Nyman.


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