henri herbert and the fury

No links on this just yet (tell a lie – we’ve just sourced a link on yoo tube), but it’s safe to say this has been burning holes in our sound player all night. The mighty Henri Herbert here with the Fury, ‘live at gypsy hotel’ their debuting full length is a live recording capturing this force of nature in all his untamed glory from a performance earlier this year at London’s Gypsy Hotel – like where else. If I didn’t know any better I’d have said this dude had been exchanging contracts with ol’ Nick at the crossroads and into the bargain teaching him a thing or two about ripping up a fire storm. This cat is possessed, a cut loose Jerry Lee Lewis with the scorched feral scowl of a youthful Elvis cutting indecently primitive flame hot boogie woogie, fear not we will be coming back to this, but let’s just say worthy of the entrance fee alone just to hear him decimating Little Walter’s ‘it ain’t right’ – a frantically savage train wrecking slab of brutal boogie – totally off the scales. Featured here though the raw n’ scalped white hot tension wire teetering stalking preacher growling ‘raze hell’.  

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