simon mccorry

We’re a tad annoyed at ourselves here, thus far we’ve managed to overlook an album that’s been somewhat marooned on our hard drive. By Simon McCorry, who some of you might well recognise more familiarly as Amonism, the album ‘blue’ – incidentally heading out of the close recording imprint, is awash with a chamber scoring whose neo classical craft, aside being sublimely poised and deeply intimate, finds a sensitive passage hidden well away from the bright lights and bluster of modern pop and from that safe haven, intrinsically attunes and genteelly aligns itself to the very pulse of nature. From that collection, this is a short film directed by Will Simpson to accompany ‘Invocation I’. In short, its ten-minute duration offers a chance to escape, for here caught upon a twilight mooring, the ghost like passing of a daybreak fog softly moves across the landscape, a silent gesture heralding a new dawn, beneath its clearing a beautified scene of a sleepy headed woodland slowly stretching to wake from its slumber. The delicately genuflecting hush of the processed cello motifs usher forth an eerily timeless cycle of majestic calm, the melodies frosted are sculptured in an alluring emotional tenderness, what first passes for rustic mournfulness, is rather more a moment of undisturbed beauty freeze framed. The overall effect is at once as graceful and poetic as it is evocative and entrancing.


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