ursula bogner

I’ll be totally honest in saying that this wasn’t on the evenings listening to do list, but so mesmerised and curious at its back story it felt like an itch you couldn’t scratch. These are rare recordings pulled from an archive of tapes featuring electronic recordings composed by Ursula Bogner. This archive came to light in recent years, its author alas dying in 1994, was largely unknown crafting these recordings as something of a curious hobbyist. Without putting to finer a point on things, ‘Atmosphärische Energie’ a track taken from a recently released three suite set entitled ‘winkel pong’ through the faitiche imprint, is very much revealing of an artist attuned to the varying forms of the electronic disciplines, of course Raymond Scott and the Barron’s immediately scream from the track, the former’s playful childlike lullaby patterns moulded upon the latter’s minimalist analogue / futurist sounds. Yet scratch a little deeper and the classicist eye of Derbyshire and the pulsing cold war tech of the Berlin School peer from the shadows to craft an after dark magic land of sinister syncopating sound of a clockworking toybox army eerily marching while prying eyes rest sleepily.  https://soundcloud.com/user-749010250/atmospharische-energie

more information and sound clips about / by Ursula Bogner here …. http://www.faitiche.de/index.php?article_id=9

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