even as we speak

…and so, to the last for now – this missive at least, from emotional response, time for something very special. First recordings since 1993, this is the recently reformed Even as we Speak. Was there ever a more perfect band to grace the much-missed Sarah imprint way back in the day. A band with the ability to make you smile through tears, their songs shone with the innocence of youth – hang up’s, crushes an all, told through a melodic prism that fizzed with ear candy effervescence. As said ‘the black forest’ EP features their first recordings in over twenty years, the five-track set headed up by ‘Clouds’ – I mean what can we say, one for the Melys adorers among you, there’s a breathless tug afoot here, its disarming quiet reflection teased with a breezy casualness whose feint distractive tones woo with a softly mellowed murmur that gently stings with slow fused seduction. https://emotional-response-recs.bandcamp.com/album/the-black-forest  

Here’s the band in conversation with Sydney’s FBI radio ……


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