Pete International Airport

you might want to skin up a fat one for this next ‘un, more head expanding happenings from the essential taste making sound house that is Eggs in Aspic. Again another must have strictly limited cassette issue, this time in an edition of 50 by Pete International Airport, the alter ego of Dandy Warhols’ Peter G. Holmström. ‘Safer with the Wolves’ his solo debut features a plethora of guest appearances, take your pick from Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Black Angels, Daydream Machine, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Dark Horses and Hopewell. If that doesn’t get you going ga-ga them maybe you ought to partake in the mind shrooming psych smoke of the uber trippy and hushed ‘flowers of evil’. This ghost walker descends like some orphaned cosmic visitation, out of time, out of step and out there and which to a hazily permeating mystic earth beat snakes and prowls with a ghost like purring its trail dissolving in its passing that at times strays into terrains once occupied by the much missed Beatglider.   

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