hologram teen

The kind of trip-a-delic happening you’d have one time or another, imagined ripe for release by the likes of Manimal or Lo recordings and perhaps further back still, to the uber crucial Italo imprint Shado. Here’s a wee sneak peek at the sumptuous strangeness afoot in the Hologram Teen sound house at the moment, this being a preview track from her forthcoming Polytechnic Youth outing ‘between the funk and the fear’, this one entitled ‘God(d) Of Thunder Vs. Sukia’. A fuzzily floaty mushrooming mosaic, weirdly woozy and zonked out, a cosmic forest land of magical adventure turned on by dreamy dissipates of 80’s echoes fractured and fried through the smokey third eye of the ambient arm of the Magic Mushroom Band and the Ozric Tentacles as though refracted and moulded by the playful touch of Lemon Jelly, themselves having commandeered a surreal sail boat and setting a course for Monsterism Island. https://soundcloud.com/hologramteen/04-god-d-of-thunder-vs-sukia/s-qPtGz   

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