those unfortunates

I’m getting a tad alarmed, what with cassette store day looming next month and scant mention of it here, mainly due to the fact that we’ve had little, hang on … make that … no press releases announcing happening tunes pressed on ferric tape, except that is, this one. Much admired around these parts, those unfortunates are set to round out the year with the release of the 7-track cassette ‘In Lavender and other stories’. Released on midnight bell, it’s a set slyly peppered with gems for the taking, much like a Sarah echo, those unfortunates’ rainy afternoon waltzes strum and sting with the bitter sweet sigh of the Wedding Present, hillfields and Decoration, the fact not least evidenced better than on ‘in lavender’ which with its thoughtful reflection wearily hanging heavy shuffles effervescently through a haze of what if’s and might have’s. somewhere else ‘druid lane’ is kissed with a distractively 60’s beat pop phrasing that to these ears sounds not unlike a slightly ragged Small Faces. Have to admit ‘woodlouse’ has been pinging the earlobes, a woozily lazy eyed day dreamer replete with opining riffs and a wonky soft psych casualness that put us in mind of a ‘gigglegoo’ era Freed Unit in cahoots with Giant Paw. Mind you ‘mirror’ isn’t far behind it in terms of affection, its detuned off kilter lolloping persona pitching its peculiar tent somewhere by clinic and next to the soft hearted scientists. ‘fountayne road’ brings matters back to a more strum roving brittleness, blighter almost had me in half a mind to dig out my prized lupen crook goodies for reacquaintance. Any questions then?   

The band are incidentally, about to head out on a short tour, dates as follows ….

13th October 2017 – The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh

14th October 2017 – The Admiral Lord Rodney, Colne, Lancs

21st October 2017 – The Islington, London

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