squadron scramble

We are loving this so much in our gaff at the moment, new thing from Squadron Scramble who you might recall featured on that recent, and sadly final, ‘bleed out’ compilation put out by the Soft Bodies folk. This be ‘parallax’, a ten track twinkle toning collection of lunar drift kosmische, something that’s as sure to appeal to admirers of ISAN as it is to fans of god is an astronaut, the former mentioned instantly recalled on the lilting orbital lullaby that is the breathlessly alluring ‘rover’ with its modular music box murmurs seductively in serene formation dispatching radiant love notes from the centre of its centrifugal core. Pressing itself in our affections, the purring pulsar that is ‘robotic engine mill’ is kissed with a noir-ish Faltermayer persona that’s sun scorched by the occasioning of impacting solar bursts that had us much minded of a youthful Victories at Sea. For us though best moment  comes with the passing of ‘delta wing’, a would be last transmission from a dying star, a mournfully beautified cosmic waltz summoning up all its wherewithal for one last moment in the galactic night sky before fading into the long sleep. All said those of you with a thing for classic 80’s sounding sky siren stratospherics might be well advised to strap in for the warp driving space ride ‘Bell XI’, very Eat Lights Become Lights unless i’m very much mistaken and nothing wrong with that last time i checked i should add. https://squadronscramble.bandcamp.com/   

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