Ysgol Sul

You’d be right in thinking that we’ve totally given up on our intended playlist feast for the evening, it seems we can’t move for tasty turntable treats presently, it’s all getting a tad distressing. Latest on the inspection block Welsh trio Ysgol Sul, who are about to self-release their first collection of English language songs later this month with the appearance of ‘Eventide’. From that set, this is the simply sublime ‘elsewhere’ – hell’s teeth this is good, think of a bruised hope yearning and youthful Paul Simpson from the Wild Swans fronting some studio gathering of Hillfields and the Church types, a stressless softly purring arrow to the heart demurred in shoegazey / dream popped vapour kisses, the kind of thing Kitchens of Distinction used to do with such casual ease I shouldn’t wonder.  https://soundcloud.com/ysgol-sul/elsewhere

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