New from Blancmange, well Neil Arthur at least, here saddled up to Benge whose found co-opted in for production duties. This is the frost cut futur-noir of ‘Anna Dine’ a track peeled from a forthcoming full length entitled ‘unfurnished rooms’, a coolly chilled ghost light whose glacially swathed panoramic retro phrasing is adored with an early 80’s time stamp that sits somewhere between John Foxx and Bill Nelson.

Tour dates as follows ….

‘Unfurnished Rooms’ UK Tour:

5 Oct – Brighton, Concorde 2

6 Oct – London, 229

19 Oct – Southend, Chinnery’s

20 Oct – Southampton, 1865

25 Oct – Darwen, Library

26 Oct – Newcastle, Boiler Shop

27 Oct – Edinburgh, La Belle Angele

28 Oct –  Glasgow, Audio

2 Nov – Bristol, The Fleece

4 Nov – Nottingham, Rescue Rooms

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