Rui P. Andrade

Tripped across this would you believe, on twitter and I’ll be honest in saying it wasn’t the release we were going to feature, more about that one in a second. This is the latest to escape the ACR sound house, a limited cassette from Rui P. Andrade entitled ‘all lovers go to heaven’. As the press release states ‘a break up’ album / collection, the feelings of loss, heartache and faded memories all threaded through a sound palette whose minimalist sonic progressions mirror the contrast of confused moods at such times. Four tracks appear on this tape release, however for us, the most cutting of these wounds comes with the passing of ‘Violet-Red’, set to an ice frosted burn, ghostly echoes of forgotten conversations come to haunt, the effect is quite beautifully brutal.

While we are still with ACR, what initial caught our eye was a forthcoming release by the name ‘unique mystery tape’ which I think it’s fair to say we’ll let the label tell you what it’s all about …. ‘…. every single tape is a unique home-dubbed unit with unreleased / unidentified music and a blank or hand-decorated j-card. you won’t know whose music you’re getting. it could be a split by two artists, unreleased material by one musician, a field recording tape… anything, really. no two tapes will have the same music. the tapes will be prepared and recorded upon receiving your order – none are pre-recorded and ready to ship right away, hence the lengthy waiting time’.

ACR999 / unique mystery cassette main photo


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