gary numan vs. meat beat manifesto

Those of you managing to bag yourself the bundle edition of the latest copy of Electronic Sound will grab yourselves a very limited 7 inch copy of Gary Numan’s ‘my name is ruin’ re-tooled by Meat Beat Manifesto’s Jack Dangers. Split into two parts and utilising both vintage analogue wares that include the Buchla 200 and EMS 3000, Dangers tones down the apocalypse quotient of the original mix in favour of something more futuristically strobed in a clubland setting, bringing it in from its sun scorched wasteland and setting it forth upon a psychotropic framing that seductively snakes to a darkly slick shadow forming mutant funk persona. ‘part 2’, in truth our favoured side, takes the blue print forged on ‘Side 1’ and rehouses it in a grinding sophisticat shelling sprayed in an 80’s fashioning that’s cooled by a spacey dead eyed pulsing vibe much recalling the remix handiwork of both the Benge and Andy Gray.  


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