theatre royal

Been a while since we had cause to dig out the box of bunting with which to hang out in celebration of new groove from the Vacilando 68 folk, but word has it after a bit of a release holiday they are busy prepping themselves for a season of outings by Lost Film Foundation, Abdication House, Stuart Turner & the Flat Earth Society and these dudes. From their recently released fourth album ‘..and then it fell out of my head’ which I’m aggrieved to say, I think we missed, Theatre Royal return to action with a new twinset ‘locked together on the lines’ / ‘all I need’ –  the former a bracingly radiant anthem swelled by the surge of a chorus line that sounds like it’s been carried aloft by a cavalry heading over the hill, a true tale of fatal love all blessed and blistered by a chugging harmony hued vibing made perfect to punch holes out of transistors. Over on the flip, exclusive to this release, the 60’s phrased love note ‘all I need’ – all bubble grooved harmonies wrapped upon a distinctively distractive coolly snappy beat pop strut savvy whose teen angst toning is possessed of echoes of a Hamburg era Beatles.

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