Can I just say two things about this next one, let me first of all extend apologies, because I swear we may have a download of this buried in our hard drive. Secondly you better believe that this has got wow all across it like a rash. This be Xeresa with the parting cut culled from their self-titled set, this being ‘reality’. Featuring the seductive sigh of Dani Mari, this beguiling visitation slipstreams between dream and the ethereal with such alluring effect, a celestial soul love note twinkle toned in an amorphous rapture whose genteel ghost like stateliness and delicately demurred detailing recalls a mid-way point between Heather Duby and Musetta and whose passing has you feeling as though you’ve been touched by something eternal and heavenly.

As if to prove that ‘reality’ is no one trick pony, album opener ‘fall into the light’ featuring guest vocals duties by Demi Hayes, falls head over heels into the cosmic folds, lovelorn and ablaze in crystalline dream pop motifs, this deeply mesmeric lunar waltz arrives sprayed and smouldered in spectral solar burns and motorik murmurs.

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