Heading out of the rather busy of late Somewherecold imprint shortly, a debut self-titled set from Mis+ress. The alter ego of Brooklyn based Brian Wenckebach, one-time member of both Elika and Thee Koukouvaya, this release comes pressed in a limited 50 only cassette format, thus far two tracks sit on the preview player in anticipation of flavouring your listening space in all manner of swoon like demur. ‘the history of fishes’, the sets opener, serves as a wonderfully cosy toed and lulling oceanic seafarer all delicately sprayed in an affectionate detailing that’s dimpled in crystalline dream drifts festooned upon sun setting tropical mirages, which in truth had us much recalling the rather sadly missed Landshipping. Again, genteelly bathed in a seafaring hush, is there a common theme afoot here we wonder, ‘the eligible receiver’ sounds like distant clarion calls hailing through the twilight fog, all very serene and irrefutably dreamy with it. https://misplusressswc.bandcamp.com/  

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