We were going to save this until later in the week, but like a child at Christmas sitting staring at the presents around the festive tree we just couldn’t resist. Alas not downloadable, but here’s pretty much all of the recent set as performed by Concretism at his recent appearance at the Delaware Road event in July. A new album looming close which we believe will be making contact via the adored Castles in Space imprint, this fourteen track gathering should serve perfectly as an appetizer and into the bargain providing an excellent window for those previously unaware of the woven alternative time lines emerging from the twilight haze crafted by Concretism. These waltzing nostalgic portals threaded upon analogue mediums are ghostly whispers from the past, the future and the never, misty eyed mirages phrased in fond melancholia and an ache for something long since past and lost whilst simultaneously sharing a tomorrow peering sonic hive mind with the likes of A Year in the Country, Duke St Workshop and the Heartwood Institute.

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