Back with the Sashimmy imprint who it appears seem to do a neat line in horrorphonics, latest to their catalogue the head melting brain wash psychotropia that is ‘he must be destroyed’ by Spectrex. This floor rumbling dark heart fuses its trance toned technoid terror phrasing into the worlds of 50’s sci-fi comic books and far out fear freaking films from the day, in truth a bit like a more playful less dread drowned the Truth About Frank wired to a Shamen obsessing over extra terrestrials rather than e tabs. Over on the flip, for us, the far superior ‘transient cyborg’ is frazzled through with lazer hot riff reverbs, as with the previously mentioned Morturizer cut – see above and below, this crawls out from a 80’s VHS head space spooled in a jet age paranoia. https://sashimmyrecords.bandcamp.com/album/he-must-be-destroyed

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