landshipping / metrotone / tonfedd oren

A much welcomed message from out of the blue I must admit, from Mr John Brenton, better known of course to us mere mortals, in his many musical alter egos as – well take your pick from – Landshipping, Metrotone, OJN, Tonfedd Oren etc…. Anyhow seems Mr Brenton has been recently recording with Anthony ISAN – the last time these two collaborated was way back on a Landshipping release, the flip cut all told entitled ‘penguin new writing’ for the Liquefaction imprint. Such is our fondness for all these sonic guises we’ve cobbled together a special interlude,though before you dive headlong into that, we suggest you take a wee earful of a rather intriguing acoustic version of ‘Blue Monday’ that’s currently looming on his soundcloud space at – really is worth checking out given its ghosted in a breezily lolloping aura which veers ever so delicately into Damon and Naomi and Cheval Sombre terrains, its folk-ish whispers retracking New Order’s accusatory finger in favour of a more inquisitive mellowing.  

Metrotone ….

Landshipping …..

Metrotone …

Landshipping …..

Tonfedd oren ….

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