timothy fife

try not to blink during the course of this one, if you thought the recent Heartwood Institute clip was a little short on economy, then just while you’re thinking that again, this one will be over and back in the box. This is scheduled for limited lathe action on polytechnic youth early October in what what promises to be a busy dash to the year end release roster with promised outings by Faten Kanaan and Hologram Teen – both imminent – like next week we believe, new albums by polypores, alexandre bazin, that aforementioned, eagerly anticipated Heartwood Institute set, another limited lathe from Vorderhaus and this, a two track lathe 7 inch by Timothy Fife which the label describes quite perfectly as ‘… 2 kosmische slices of cold edge electronica for your delectation’ – cruise controlled cosmic cool by our reckoning that should easily sit and snuggle up to your prized Craig Padilla grooves …. https://www.facebook.com/polytechnicyouth/posts/1670119066354519  

here’s Mr Fife in his more celebrated alter ego as one half of Victims with the superb classic 70’s Italo horror sounding ‘profecy’ – think Goblin in a studio face off with John Carpenter……    

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