… and did we just mention Polypores in passing a second or so ago. Up on his sound cloud page you’ll find a newly downloadable posting of a recent live set performed at the Ferret a week or two ago. A twenty-seven-minute astral glide, its trajectory, the far corners of the cosmic undiscovered, in many ways it sounds like a farewell transmission from the stricken Cassini as it runs, powered by solar vapours, on an end course to oblivion to be consumed by the toxic Saturnian atmosphere. At once mournful, monumental and majestic, Polypores weaves a star sighed symphony ghosted in adventure, discovery and hope, a kosmische waltzer demurred in dreamy dissipates and more than a nostalgic whiff of space age wonder. https://soundcloud.com/polypores/live-at-the-ferret-100917

polypores also pops up on a stunning mix set cobbled together by the impulse array folk. Alas not downloadable, ‘all the leaves are black – autumnal mix’ is an hour long gathering of dream drifted voyages and cosmic tech funk, among the treats here are Dopplereffekt, pye corner audio, lorn and Simon Heartfield, who assuming we’ve gotten our timings right,  the latter mentioned is here found doing a very neat FortDax-ian turn on the wonderfully pastoral-tronica of ‘malice of inanimate objects’. https://soundcloud.com/impulsearray/all-the-leaves-are-black-autumnal-mix

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