Further reasons for being side-tracked, somewhere and somehow, another release that sneaked beneath our radar, in fact I could have sworn we were on their mailing list, hey ho. Here’s a little something from the howling banana imprint, peeled from a free to download happening compilation called ‘summer sampler #4’, this being Gloria with an unreleased cut by the name ‘you will get yours’. Now this ‘un comes softly smoked in the kind of hazy mystique that had us much recalling those early visitations by the Smoke Fairies, its 60’s psych folk wooziness flavouring a fuzzy wiry path that trips around a seriously out of it Crystalline Jacqueline crafting a studio séance in an attempt to summon up the spirit of Jefferson Airplane. Wouldn’t be too surprised if another track or three gets sneaked in here before the nights out.

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