Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping… Transmission 38.0…

Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…

Transmission 38.0…. w/e 24/09//2017

Revolutions of a 33 and 45 kind….

… opening groove ….

… starting with this slice of jolly fun ……


…. features …. Jon thorne, gary numan, meat beat manifesto, xeresa, theatre royal, Rui P. Andrade, Hayato Takeuchi, the heartwood institute, Mis+ress, twelve hour foundation, howlround, she sir, the tara experiment, Morturizer, mammoth penguins and friends, the great electric, spectrex, concretism, barry adamson / pan sonic, friendship, rob Clarke and the wooltones, john maus, delia Derbyshire, Dopplereffekt, transllusion, lorn, vitalic, lusine, sixth june, Nouvelle Phenomene, timothy fife, victim, metrotone, landshipping, tonfedd oren, polypores, the lovely eggs, Reto A Ichi, wil Bolton, ian hawgood, leaves of absence, 62 miles from space, andy weatherall, Mnipk, magic mushroom band, ozric tentacles, electric moon, dead meadow, kyuss, liquid visions, lumerians, radio Moscow, the cosmic dead, the myrrors, nwyvre, …. The bunch of fives, the answers, the sad sack sect, the ID, the Societie, lemon tree, kippington lodge, the music machine, jon brooks, beaulieu porch, unseeing eye, mal Thursday, the chemistry set, record roulette, its trash, shadows in the void, earache, john peel, most disturbing tracks, hi fidelity, john flora, cirkl, British radiophonics, Jackie lee….

Quietly reflective, evocatively stirring and majestic, words struggle to perfectly do justice to ‘Homestead’, the latest work by Jon Thorne. Released as a strictly limited-edition lathe 7 inch pressed up by the folk at 345rpm. and accompanied by a fuller album’s worth of meekly murmured portraits on an included CD pressed up in an edition of 100 by the esteemed Static Caravan sound house. ‘Homestead’ is a gathering of fourteen short aural snaps, a return, or as the accompanying press release notes ‘a reconnection with self’. Sorrowfully stirred in melancholia, two things strike you immediately when sitting through your initial listening, firstly it’s sense of loneliness, maybe detachment or perhaps rather more, isolationism that tearfully courses throughout these dozen or more suites, that’s not to say there’s no beauty, beauty fear not is in abundance, best heard in fact on the trembling and intricately weaved lush love note that is ‘Morton Manor’. Secondly, and perhaps more of importance, its sensitivity, its awareness of its surroundings and the touching bond its forges with the landscape. It’s here that Thorne excels, for ‘Homestead’ is a musical journal mapping memories, feelings, weather conditions and experiences, its remoteness sweetly garnished by the tailored turn of neo classical flurries crushed in a bitter sweet solemn sigh perfectly exemplified on both ‘breathing’ and ‘autumnal light’, the former delicately sprayed in lovelorn pastoral phrasings with the latter measured by the mournful countenance of regret. Elsewhere there’s the sultry night light overtures of ‘sea and solitude’ breathing both familiarity and a deep sense of cosiness to the palette pursued at haste by the intimately genuflecting opines of ‘I’ll be here when you wake’. ‘really’ with its sea sprays, field recordings of his children and the slow string arcs together craft an eerie nostalgic ghost light glow to the proceedings. That said, from ‘Achiles heel’ onwards, ‘homestead’ takes on a warmer persona, the earlier cuts assumed with a haunted characterisation, now seemingly freed of the past are seduced in a lightness that crystallises within both ‘past forgetting’ and ‘the art of letting go’ the latter particularly allured by the appearance of hymnal visitations. ‘homestead’ is a very personal yet hitherto deeply beguiling collection softly stirred by the contrasting range of the emotional spectrum.

Those of you managing to bag yourself the bundle edition of the latest copy of Electronic Sound will grab yourselves a very limited 7-inch copy of Gary Numan’s ‘my name is ruin’ re-tooled by Meat Beat Manifesto’s Jack Dangers. Split into two parts and utilising both vintage analogue wares that include the Buchla 200 and EMS 3000, Dangers tones down the apocalypse quotient of the original mix in favour of something more futuristically strobed in a clubland setting, bringing it in from its sun scorched wasteland and setting it forth upon a psychotropic framing that seductively snakes to a darkly slick shadow forming mutant funk persona. ‘part 2’, in truth our favoured side, takes the blue print forged on ‘Side 1’ and rehouses it in a grinding sophisticat shelling sprayed in an 80’s fashioning that’s cooled by a spacey dead eyed pulsing vibe much recalling the remix handiwork of both the Benge and Andy Gray. 

Been a while since we had cause to dig out the box of bunting with which to hang out in celebration of new groove from the Vacilando 68 folk, but word has it after a bit of a release holiday they are busy prepping themselves for a season of outings by Lost Film Foundation, Abdication House, Stuart Turner & the Flat Earth Society and these dudes. From their recently released fourth album ‘..and then it fell out of my head’ which I’m aggrieved to say, I think we missed, Theatre Royal return to action with a new twinset ‘locked together on the lines’ / ‘all I need’ –  the former a bracingly radiant anthem swelled by the surge of a chorus line that sounds like it’s been carried aloft by a cavalry heading over the hill, a true tale of fatal love all blessed and blistered by a chugging harmony hued vibing made perfect to punch holes out of transistors. Over on the flip, exclusive to this release, the 60’s phrased love note ‘all I need’ – all bubble grooved harmonies wrapped upon a distinctively distractive coolly snappy beat pop strut savvy whose teen angst toning is possessed of echoes of a Hamburg era Beatles. http://vacilando68.org/  

Tripped across this would you believe, on twitter and I’ll be honest in saying it wasn’t the release we were going to feature, more about that one in a second. This is the latest to escape the ACR sound house, a limited cassette from Rui P. Andrade entitled ‘all lovers go to heaven’. As the press release states ‘a break up’ album / collection, the feelings of loss, heartache and faded memories all threaded through a sound palette whose minimalist sonic progressions mirror the contrast of confused moods at such times. Four tracks appear on this tape release, however for us, the most cutting of these wounds comes with the passing of ‘Violet-Red’, set to an ice frosted burn, ghostly echoes of forgotten conversations come to haunt, the effect is quite beautifully brutal. https://weareacr.bandcamp.com/album/all-lovers-go-to-heaven  

While we are still with ACR, what initial caught our eye was a forthcoming release by the name ‘unique mystery tape’ which I think it’s fair to say we’ll let the label tell you what it’s all about …. ‘…. every single tape is a unique home-dubbed unit with unreleased / unidentified music and a blank or hand-decorated j-card. you won’t know whose music you’re getting. it could be a split by two artists, unreleased material by one musician, a field recording tape… anything, really. no two tapes will have the same music. the tapes will be prepared and recorded upon receiving your order – none are pre-recorded and ready to ship right away, hence the lengthy waiting time’. https://weareacr.bandcamp.com/merch/acr999-unique-mystery-cassette  

Can I just say two things about this next one, let me first of all extend apologies, because I swear we may have a download of this buried in our hard drive. Secondly you better believe that this has got wow all across it like a rash. This be Xeresa with the parting cut culled from their self-titled set, this being ‘reality’. Featuring the seductive sigh of Dani Mari, this beguiling visitation slipstreams between dream and the ethereal with such alluring effect, a celestial soul love note twinkle toned in an amorphous rapture whose genteel ghost like stateliness and delicately demurred detailing recalls a mid-way point between Heather Duby and Musetta and whose passing has you feeling as though you’ve been touched by something eternal and heavenly.

As if to prove that ‘reality’ is no one trick pony, album opener ‘fall into the light’ featuring guest vocals duties by Demi Hayes, falls head over heels into the cosmic folds, lovelorn and ablaze in crystalline dream pop motifs, this deeply mesmeric lunar waltz arrives sprayed and smouldered in spectral solar burns and motorik murmurs.

Been a while since we mentioned the folks over at the surreal sound house that is Bearsuit records, their 37th would you believe, is an EP by Hayato Takeuchi titled simply – er ‘EP’. As befitting of a label who pride themselves on the strange and wonderful, ‘EP’ features six tracks of curiously playful genteelness. Taking aside the opening track ‘Etude G-12’ – think Reich gone lounge with its syncopating rhythmic metering and lazy eyed Balearic after glows casting a rather ornate trip toned smouldering, ‘EP’ acutely inhabits a world cooled in an intricate minimalist craft. For here the affectionately kooky playground folly of ‘Usan Kusao No Osoushiki’ is traditionalist Bearsuit fayre, distractively screwball its skewed parping procession provides for a toy clock working academy peeled straight from the school of Raymond Scott. On the other hand, ‘Mr Henderson No Ai To Replica’ might well be the weird circus that Tim Burton is waiting on to call into his peculiar town while the delicate orbital demur of ‘Umi Wo Miteiru’ strays with shy eyed fondness, into terrains once ventured by Isan’s ‘digitalis’. Which all leaves ‘Anata To Watashi No Kyoukaisen’ to sweetly glide you to the end grooves upon a silvery star slide hypnotic peppered in a sleepy headed modular kosmische cuteness.  https://bearsuitrecords.bandcamp.com/album/ep    

Heading out of the rather busy of late Somewherecold imprint shortly, a debut self-titled set from Mis+ress. The alter ego of Brooklyn based Brian Wenckebach, one-time member of both Elika and Thee Koukouvaya, this release comes pressed in a limited 50 only cassette format, thus far two tracks sit on the preview player in anticipation of flavouring your listening space in all manner of swoon like demur. ‘the history of fishes’, the sets opener, serves as a wonderfully cosy toed and lulling oceanic seafarer all delicately sprayed in an affectionate detailing that’s dimpled in crystalline dream drifts festooned upon sun setting tropical mirages, which in truth had us much recalling the rather sadly missed Landshipping. Again, genteelly bathed in a seafaring hush, is there a common theme afoot here we wonder, ‘the eligible receiver’ sounds like distant clarion calls hailing through the twilight fog, all very serene and irrefutably dreamy with it. https://misplusressswc.bandcamp.com/   

Next up a teasingly brief excerpt of something special incoming on the Polytechnic Youth imprint from the much-admired Heartwood Institute folk. By our reckoning a perfect fit just a tad puzzling why it took both parties so long to find each other. Anyhow tentatively earmarked for October release will be ‘secret rites’ from off which ‘the age of aquarius’ has been sent ahead on scouting detail. With strange enchantment afoot, a spectral ghost light peers from the shadows, an echo from a forgotten and distant vintage radiophonic age fused of a heraldric pastoral electronica tongue that imagines ‘children of the stones’ viewed through the eye of Nigel Kneale and blurred by a sonic craft that skirts the outer realms of labels such as Ochre and Ghost Box.  https://soundcloud.com/heartwoodmusic-1/the-age-of-aquarius

almost missed this, new from the twelve-hour foundation this is the wonderfully spring heeled and jovial sounding ‘cornfields’. Now is it just me, or does this transport some of you to a younger self c. 70’s quietly entranced by the goggle box whilst clutching your prized copy of ‘Action’ in one hand and a packet of orangeade spangles in the other. There’s certainly a familiar whiff of something sadly lost genteelly cantering through this lolloping lovely, the becoming Bucolic airiness and its radiant sun peel suggest essential listening for those of you who are well versed in ways of the Clay Pipe music folk like say, the vintage craft of a certain Keiron Phelan. https://soundcloud.com/twelvehourfoundation/cornfields-working-title

on the other hand, those among you fancy your sounds enjoyed from the supposed safety afforded by being huddled up behind the sofa, might be too frozen to the spot stricken with the nagging pangs of oncoming dread at the invitation of Howlround’s disquieting ‘east tower stairwell gathering’ to your listening space. Eerily abandoned this haunting sonic vision has the effect of sucking light in and casting all in a troubling supernatural gloom, see young folk this is what happens when you play folly with Ouija boards or vote Conservative, either way you’re giving up on life. Joking aside though, this Howlround track, an eerie mystic portal to the beyond, spirit walks with the same macabre unworldliness that recalls the Revenant Sea’s unearthly union with Roadside Picnic a few years back, the track incidentally, features on a forthcoming set put out by Front and Follow entitled ‘lessons’ – a celebration of 10 years of happening sounds set across twenty five tracks that includes turns by pye corner audio, Oliver cherer, time attendant, Leyland kirby, the sone institute and many more. https://soundcloud.com/frontandfollow/howlround-east-tower-stairwell-gathering-alternate-edit    

Safe to say we’ll be featuring more of this later in the week, but as we were powering down for the evening two releases caught our ears, both striking us as apt listening for what is now as we write, the witching hour. Here’s just a brief peak at the strangeness emanating from the very excellent The Tara Experiment, this being ‘the hollowman’ – a track taken from a newly peeled full length by the name ‘the weight of the sky’. An oddly disquieting slice of rural macabre chilled dipped in a Brit folk horror ghosting and ghoulishly pared upon a woozy and trippily paranoia sinister toning that imagines the candle illuminated melmoth in communique with the late and much missed Christopher Lee.  https://thetaraexperiment.bandcamp.com/track/the-hollowman  

Heading out of Atlanta’s Sashimmy imprint here’s the voodoo-tronica groove of Morturizer courtesy of ‘they’re coming’ and ‘through the eyes’ – a b-movie sonic horror double feature, the former featuring a host of recently dug up and cannibalised Hammer horror cameos skinned and pinned upon a gruesomely tense hysteria fuelled mutant earthbeat vibe. The latter, our favourite of the evil twin set, soured in a choking and glooming dead eyed dread that’s darkly damned with a classic early 80’s VHS persona, so bleak you can feel the light and hope fading at the claustrophobic reach of its lengthening macabre shadow. https://sashimmyrecords.bandcamp.com/album/theyre-coming  

This slice of mystical seduction comes peeled from a brand-new set for shelflife by She Sir entitled ‘river islands’ –  with this ‘un incidentally titled ‘noon inspirits’ having caught our ear and drawn us smitten beneath its mesmeric spell charm. Endowed within a statuesque ice sculptured framing, ‘noon inspirits’ shimmers with a spectral soft psych awareness, its sultry toning an ageless echo that snakes with arabesque mystery, really is a most beautiful and deceptively beguiled thing that imagines an at the top of their powers Stealing Sheep in conspiratorial cahoots with the Haight Ashbury.  

Lots of pretty things heading out of the WIAIWYA imprint shortly, the labels certainly hitting a bit of a purple patch of late what with that rather spiffing ‘seven at 77’ set. Kicking off their Autumn collection with what can only be described as a distractive sweetie, Mammoth Penguins and Friends’ ‘the sailor’ looks set to slyly snare hearts, probably the best thing to turn up on our player since those gone in the blink of an eye outings by the Snails. This cutie is cut to a strangely affectionate off kilter vibe that never threatens to boil over yet curiously zig-zags with a distant nodding echo to Television, all the time insidiously drawing you in with its stuttering casualness which all said had us much minded to dig out our well-worn copy of the Soft parade’s lost nugget ‘nobody told you anything’ and imagine it being redrilled by Quickspace. https://wiaiwya.bandcamp.com/album/john-doe   

Next up, same label, different band, this is the Great Electric, who’ve an album looming for October impact by the name – er – ‘the great electric’ herewith a teaser track, the opening salvo as it happens called ‘encarta’. In short, a star hopping cosmic ride on a sonic surf board fused of equal parts La Dusseldorf and Silver Apples and something that’s very much cooled in the kosmische kraft of those Eat Lights Become Lights folk. Nuff said over and out. https://wiaiwya.bandcamp.com/album/the-great-electric  

Back with the Sashimmy imprint who it appears seem to do a neat line in horrorphonics, latest to their catalogue the head melting brain wash psychotropia that is ‘he must be destroyed’ by Spectrex. This floor rumbling dark heart fuses its trance toned technoid terror phrasing into the worlds of 50’s sci-fi comic books and far out fear freaking films from the day, in truth a bit like a more playful less dread drowned the Truth About Frank wired to a Shamen obsessing over extra-terrestrials rather than e tabs. Over on the flip, for us, the far superior ‘transient cyborg’ is frazzled through with lazer hot riff reverbs, as with the previously mentioned Morturizer cut – see above and below, this crawls out from a 80’s VHS head space spooled in a jet age paranoia. https://sashimmyrecords.bandcamp.com/album/he-must-be-destroyed  

mentioned in earlier despatches, yesterday in fact, somewhere here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/09/18/morturizer/ – a quick note from the label kindly asking us to recalibrate our radar settings to viewing a newly peeled moving picture show by Morturizer …..

We were going to save this until later in the week, but like a child at Christmas sitting staring at the presents around the festive tree we just couldn’t resist. Alas not downloadable, but here’s pretty much all of the recent set as performed by Concretism at his recent appearance at the Delaware Road event in July. A new album looming close which we believe will be making contact via the adored Castles in Space imprint, this fourteen track gathering should serve perfectly as an appetizer and into the bargain providing an excellent window for those previously unaware of the woven alternative time lines emerging from the twilight haze crafted by Concretism. These waltzing nostalgic portals threaded upon analogue mediums are ghostly whispers from the past, the future and the never, misty eyed mirages phrased in fond melancholia and an ache for something long since past and lost whilst simultaneously sharing a tomorrow peering sonic hive mind with the likes of A Year in the Country, Duke St Workshop and the Heartwood Institute. https://soundcloud.com/concretism/sets/the-delaware-road-playlist  

originally released in the early 00’s via the Icelandic imprint kitchen motors, ‘The Hymn Of The 7th Illusion’, Barry Adamson’s collaboration with Pan Sonic, finally gets a long overdue vinyl treatment via cold spring. arriving this October, this immense release described in passing by the label as ‘….sound{ing} eerily like the soundtrack to “the monolith” from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey’ also features a lengthy reworking by the Hafler Trio. For now, on the preview player, the title edit, a titanic score that teeters tensely to a sonic conversation detailed in a brush sweeping dark and light texturing, both majestic and monolithic, it swallow dives between the edgy and the ethereal, the radiant choral effects bowed by a coming consequence are serenely served and act as a mirror opposite to the stirring turbulence of the stilled and brooding pulsars as though an end game be afoot and the stars are going out one by one.  https://coldspring.bandcamp.com/album/the-hymn-of-the-7th-illusion-csr241lp  

nothing warms the hearts around our gaff better than news from afar of new groove from Rob Clarke and the Wooltones. ‘better times’ finds them in a thoughtful moment, its sweet souring has you pulling up momentarily, fearing your trespassing upon a quiet moment. There’s intimacy and a yearn here, a love note kissed with a subtle sunny and drifting radiance that’s laced with the seductive delay effect of hazy tropical trimmings, its softly turned melancholic burn hinting of the Byrds with a delicately distant nod to the Beatles’ ‘and I love her’ for good measure as refracted through the lenses of a lazy eyed Clock Strikes 13, something all said you might readily expect shyly hiding in the shadows of a youthful kitchenware catalogue. Over on the flip, as typical of these things, the A side completely flipped on its head, here remodelled as ‘what’s on at the club’ which in truth is your Darby and Joan bingo and lounge at the Wheeltappers and Phoenix Club soiree. https://robclarkeandthewooltones.bandcamp.com/track/better-times  

newly peeled moving picture show accompanying that rather rousing and bracing charge of fist clenching emotional euphoria that is Theatre Royal’s ‘locked together on the lines’ available through the mighty Vacilando 68 imprint and mentioned here previously at https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/09/17/theatre-royal-5/  

Rebooted through the intricate weaving of sound extracts sourced from the untapped tape archive of Delia Derbyshire, the newly invigorated Radiophonic Workshop pay homage to their former sound visionary with an unsettling cut of aural work entitled ‘future ghosts’. Emanating from the darker realms of the Derbyshire psyche, this haunting visitation stirs macabrely from the beyond, gloomed in a spectral fog amid which wearily walk the ancestral spirits from a primordial past, a piercing chill descends seemingly sucking light and hope into its groaning disquiet.

The Radio Workshop will shortly gather to make a rare appearance at the British Library next month ….. details as follows …..

….   featuring Tom Middleton, Martyn Ware and Obsrvtry visuals

 Following widespread critical acclaim for their recently-released new album Burials In Several Earths, legendary electronic pioneers The Radiophonic Workshop have announced two events to take place in stunning and inspirational setting The British Library, on 13 October.

The two events run back-to-back, with ticket buyers having the option of attending one or both:

Late at the Library: The Radiophonic Workshop live and guests

Friday 13 October

19.30 – 23.00 in the Entrance Hall.

The Radiophonic Workshop will perform classics and music from Burials in Several Earths, with special guest Martyn Ware (Heaven 17, Human League). 

The audio installation is provided by Bowers & Wilkins and custom made visuals will be performed by Obsrvtry – a collaboration between The Radiophonic Workshop, Michael Faulkner – founder of D-Fuse and Ben Sheppee – creator of Lightrhythm Visuals.

Guest DJ is Tom Middleton – a fellow sonic explorer loved for aliases including Link, Reload, Jedi Knights and Global Communication.

Tickets and info – https://www.bl.uk/events/late-at-the-library-the-radiophonic-workshop-and-guests

Soundhouses: The Radiophonic Workshop at 60

Friday 13 October

18.30 – 19.45 in the Knowledge Centre

The inside story of the pioneering production house, members of The Radiophonic Workshop talk about their extraordinary history and working methods, joined by guests including Martyn Ware with more TBA. A special guest interviewer will also be announced soon.

Ticket price includes entrance to the Late at the Library

Tickets and info – https://www.bl.uk/events/soundhouses-the-radiophonic-workshop-at-60  

Both events form part of the British Library’s Season of Sound. For more information click here – https://www.bl.uk/whats-on

I’m suspecting that what you need just now are two short sharp slabs of grimacing groove, just as well then we’ve a brace of agit gouged grimness freshly pulled from the furnace. This be Japanese noise niks Friendship who have a blistered and shock treated full length due to descend in all its doom dread glory next month going by the name ‘Hatred’ through the southern lord / Daymare sound houses. By the sounds of these terrorising teasers, a colossus of hell dragged disquiet is afoot with the speed freaked ‘tortures’ about you in an instant reigning all manner of brutalised bedlam with ‘life sentence’ sent forth to sand blast the remains still standing with a withering and suffocating fury. https://friendshipsl.bandcamp.com/album/hatred  

Happened across this by happy accident, quite superb I don’t mind saying, a track ripped from a forthcoming full length for Ribbon Music entitled ‘Screen Memories’ by John Maus, this is ‘the Combine’. Hell’s teeth this manages to bridge the ages, within its svelte glacial radiance, there’s a euphoric burn afoot here whose statuesque cinematic sculpturing blurs the lines of kosmische, progressive electronica and ambience into a mind tripping astral ride that slickly manages to sound like a forgotten echo from a yesterday sent back from an oncoming tomorrow along the way nodding to Tangerine Dream and Zombi.

interlude …. Future Chill …. Dopplereffekt, transllusion, lorn, vitalic, lusine, sixth june, Nouvelle Phenomene,

Dopplereffekt ….

Transllusion ….

Lorn ….

Vitalic …

Lusine ….

Sixth june ….

Nouvelle Phenomene ….

try not to blink during the course of this one, if you thought the recent Heartwood Institute clip was a little short on economy, then just while you’re thinking that again, this one will be over and back in the box. This is scheduled for limited lathe action on polytechnic youth early October in what what promises to be a busy dash to the yearend release roster with promised outings by Faten Kanaan and Hologram Teen – both imminent – like next week we believe, new albums by polypores, alexandre bazin, that aforementioned, eagerly anticipated Heartwood Institute set, another limited lathe from Vorderhaus and this, a two track lathe 7 inch by Timothy Fife which the label describes quite perfectly as ‘… 2 kosmische slices of cold edge electronica for your delectation’ – cruise controlled cosmic cool by our reckoning that should easily sit and snuggle up to your prized Craig Padilla grooves …. https://www.facebook.com/polytechnicyouth/posts/1670119066354519   

here’s Mr Fife in his more celebrated alter ego as one half of Victims with the superb classic 70’s Italo horror sounding ‘profecy’ – think Goblin in a studio face off with John Carpenter……   

A much-welcomed message from out of the blue I must admit, from Mr John Brenton, better known of course to us mere mortals, in his many musical alter egos as – well take your pick from – Landshipping, Metrotone, OJN, Tonfedd Oren etc…. Anyhow seems Mr Brenton has been recently recording with Anthony ISAN – the last time these two collaborated was way back on a Landshipping release, the flip cut all told entitled ‘penguin new writing’ for the Liquefaction imprint. Such is our fondness for all these sonic guises we’ve cobbled together a special interlude, though before you dive headlong into that, we suggest you take a wee earful of a rather intriguing acoustic version of ‘Blue Monday’ that’s currently looming on his soundcloud space at  https://soundcloud.com/landshipping/blue-monday-acoustic-new-order – really is worth checking out given its ghosted in a breezily lolloping aura which veers ever so delicately into Damon and Naomi and Cheval Sombre terrains, its folk-ish whispers retracking New Order’s accusatory finger in favour of a more inquisitive mellowing. 

Metrotone ….

Landshipping …..

Metrotone …

Landshipping …..

Tonfedd oren ….

… and did we just mention Polypores in passing a second or so ago. Up on his sound cloud page you’ll find a newly downloadable posting of a recent live set performed at the Ferret a week or two ago. A twenty-seven-minute astral glide, its trajectory, the far corners of the cosmic undiscovered, in many ways it sounds like a farewell transmission from the stricken Cassini as it runs, powered by solar vapours, on an end course to oblivion to be consumed by the toxic Saturnian atmosphere. At once mournful, monumental and majestic, Polypores weaves a star sighed symphony ghosted in adventure, discovery and hope, a kosmische waltzer demurred in dreamy dissipates and more than a nostalgic whiff of space age wonder. https://soundcloud.com/polypores/live-at-the-ferret-100917  

polypores also pops up on a stunning mix set cobbled together by the impulse array folk. Alas not downloadable, ‘all the leaves are black – autumnal mix’ is an hour long gathering of dream drifted voyages and cosmic tech funk, among the treats here are Dopplereffekt, pye corner audio, lorn and Simon Heartfield, who assuming we’ve gotten our timings right,  the latter mentioned is here found doing a very neat FortDax-ian turn on the wonderfully pastoral-tronica of ‘malice of inanimate objects’. https://soundcloud.com/impulsearray/all-the-leaves-are-black-autumnal-mix

spikily scuzzed out glam gouged grooviness from arch imps the Lovely Eggs, this be the prickly party pack that is ‘I shouldn’t have said that’ – in short, a briefly brazen slab of paint bombed art fuzzed cosmic punk that’s set to flip wigs sometime November. An album is imminent in the guise of ‘this is Eggland’.


The duo will be taking to selected stages across this fine land in late October …. dates are here ….


many apologies to Wil Bolton, who i’m very certain was in touch via email recently with details of two releases he’s currently involved with, which i’m most embarrassed to have to admit, we’ve momentarily lost in the great bulging in box of things to be read, heard and responded to. So while we have a rummage, here are two quietly shy teasers, the first of which is peeled from a collaborative set with Ian Hawgood entitled ‘transparancies’ courtesy of the delectable ‘humanity’. A delicately serene ice sculptured beauty glazed with hints of the orient, the shimmered alignment of bowed instrumentation and the genteel peel of the measured and murmured dronal dimples courting a stilled enchantment that’s softly stirred in a slowly awakening twilight radiance, quite beguiling if you ask me.

Staying with Wil Bolton as promised, this is the opening track from a newly peeled set for hidden values entitled ‘night paths’, this being the deceptively dreamy ghost light ‘yesterday’s clouds’. What we’ve always admired about at the work of Wil Bolton has been its unerring ability to sit you somewhere else, a soundtrack for your own quiet place. Graceful and remote, each chord and each tremble here hangs longingly to life, a softly hushed conversation hazily filtering choral mosaics and a hypnotically snaking riff ramble bond to create an ethereal flutter by through whose eyeline an imagining of hidden retreats and hidey holes peering out onto beautified landscapes is brought to vivid vision.   

Absolutely smitten with this, something of an off-shoot alter ego of Guillermo Scott Herren nee prefuse 73, a two-disc set by Reto A Ichi will see ‘alone moving often’ following in hot pursuit of ‘the lapse of exchange’ – both due to land next month and November. The project is inspired by Zaotichi – ‘… a blind masseur, gambler and skilled swordsman from Japanese film + T.V…’ – a character created by Kan Shimozawa and the subject of some 20 plus films throughout the 60’s and 70’s as well as a long running TV series. From those sets, ‘a sword in the rain’ has been sent ahead on reconnaissance, a beautifully amorphous shimmer tone seductively spooled in a tripping tailoring of whisper like floating mirages, its lightly toned touch shadow flecked in a dissolving down tempo detailing cloaked in an after dark noir sultriness. https://retoaichi.bandcamp.com/track/a-sword-in-the-rain    

Something else that’s been quietly forming little hatchling in our listening consciousness is a track peeled from a compilation called ‘C O L O R S Q U A D 0 2’ being put out by the Ukrainian imprint Colour Squad, incidentally free to download. This is ‘purple’ by leaves of absence, might take a few listens, on first approach it does, I’ll admit, sound darkly macabre, but stay with it for amid the petrified reach of frosted shadows, something truly magical manifests in the blurring haze, for amid the cavernous ice frosted atmospherics, a fracturing enchantment woozily weaves amid the dissipating dream drifts, at least it does for us. https://soundcloud.com/stupidcolorsquad/leaves-of-absense-purple  

Those of you signing up to buy the latest 62 miles from space set via mega dodo, will find the track listing bolstered by the addition of two download cuts in the shape of ‘transmission landscape’ and ‘zero gravity’. The former a trippy cosmic hymnal that appears to take its source reference from the mighty Ozric Tentacles and then weaving a lightly wig flipping palette that softly blows kaleidoscopic bubbles in your cerebral playroom. As to ‘zero gravity’, a little something that ought to appeal to those Vic Mars admirers among you given it delicately orbits all the time spraying Bucolic posies in its murmured motorik path, very ISAN all said.

… staying with things that expand your head space and make you wiggle, another track from that forthcoming Andy Weatherall set heading out very soon via Hoga Nord entitled ‘Qualia’ – this be the kosmische funkiness that is ‘spreads a haze (and a glory)’. Sounding suspiciously like a smoking S’Express had they been signed to the mighty Sulatron imprint, this psychedelic giddy up cuts shrooming shapes on the cosmic club floor blending an amorphous cocktail of pastoral posies, astral hypergliding and grinding hip hugging wizardry into a huling intergalactic hoe down that by our reckoning ought to be right up the sonic street of the deep distance admiring folk among you.  https://soundcloud.com/hoga-nord-rekords/spreads-a-haze-and-a-glory

interlude …. flip wigness #1 ….. magic mushroom band, ozric tentacles, electric moon, dead meadow, kyuss, liquid visions, lumerians, radio Moscow, the cosmic dead, the myrrors …

magic mushroom band ….

Dead meadow ….

Ozric tentacles ….

Electric moon ….

Kyuss …..

Liquid visions ….

Lumerians …..

Radio moscow ….

The cosmic dead …..

The myrrors ….

New in from Alrealon, freshly pressed groove from duo mNIPK who for those previously unfamiliar, is basically an ongoing collaborative head to head between Philipe Gerber nee John 3:16 and Christophe Gilmore. A two track download on this occasion is what’s up for grabs, on the preview pane lead cut ‘Abyss’ looms large. Pretty much daubed in the familiar cavernously desert dry atmospherics applied by Mr Gerber to his grooves, this snakewinding mistral shimmers in solitude echoing to an ancient tongue, at once magisterial and monolithic, it trips to a palette both mesmeric and darkly sultry, a timeless ceremonial courtship enacted between the elements and the spirits of the past, suggested references should they be needed, muslim gauze certainly rushes to the fore.  https://alrealonmusique.bandcamp.com/album/abyss-hunter-alrn079  

I’ll be honest with you when I say that I had to have a double take, finding that this was heading out through the Reverb Worship and not via the likes of Trensmat or one of many sub labels plugged into the GNOD hive mind. But Reverb Worship it is, this their latest outing, a ridiculously limited pressing – like 40 – by nwyvre entitled ‘FNORD’. As the press release rightly notes ‘…. dark abrasive and twisted rhythms in a Throbbing Gristle stylee’ which kind of nails it for us. This is darkly remote stuff, very Astral Social Club albeit as though doing a stepping out of their skin workout on one of those legendary ‘split’ series outings for Fat Cat a few years ago, the first side – ‘wadjet 1/2/3’ a sea of busy intricately layered glitch modulated psychotronica that soon manifests into ominously glowing glassy fixed-point frequency pulsars, all very insular. In truth, we prefer the flip side, or at least the side called ‘wadjet 4/5/6’ – certainly more damaged, discordant and feral in appeal, even whiffing of Atari Teenage Riot at times, but nonetheless delightfully dysfunctional, if they aren’t weirding you out with their peculiarly oscillating minimalist loops then they’re absorbing punctuating cut up earth beat motifs and rounding matters out with some grimly distracting disquiet. Very strange. https://nwyvre.bandcamp.com/album/wadjet  

Interlude …. Flip wigness #2 …. The bunch of fives, the answers, the sad sack sect, the ID, the Societie, lemon tree, kippington lodge, the music machine …

The bunch of fives ….

The answers ….

The sad sack sect …

The ID ….

The Societie ….

Lemon tree ….

Kippington lodge ….

The music machine …

Been a while since we featured the quite immaculate Beaulieu Porch, it all gets a little confusing around these parts, though I think we are safe in saying that we haven’t to date, mentioned these nuggets. A two-track single serving as a herald to the repackaged ‘Is’ set, these tracks incidentally missing the cut and now being made available as a free download. ‘keep on screaming’ provides a woozily magic wonderland fused of brightly flashed baroque braids all retuned into a swirling kaleidoscopic haze, as though peeling itself from a late 60’s acid house, this lysergic honey arrives cloaked in the finest psychedelic tapestries that hints of the purple gang, Floyd and a ‘odessey and oracle’ era Zombies all rephrased through the fracturing lens of Nick Nicely. Over on the flip, the slightly more sedate and dreamy ‘Virgil’ makes for a tripping hymnal ghost light softly basking in the warmly radiant flowering of cosy celestial caresses, quite perfect if you ask me.  https://carmeliterecords.bandcamp.com/album/keep-on-screaming-free-single-download  

Latest lovely from the workbench of Jon Brooks is a quietly released set entitled ‘Agri Montana’ from off which ‘ascent’ has been sneaked out into the listening community. A little, how best to say, seafaring sereneness that’s best enjoyed through the intimate close connection afforded by headphones for ‘ascent’ is a silent passing visitation that might stir nods among those of you familiar with the early catalogues of say, kranky and Oggum, emerging as it does on a slow purring trajectory as though a dawn call emerging through the twilight haze, its genteel curvature snaking softly sprayed upon an hushed vapour trail which once in to full view delicately dissolves  into the ether much like some ecliptical formation.  https://cafekaput.bandcamp.com/album/agri-montana

stuff ….

One I’m suspecting, perfect for those Akiha Den Den folk among you, vintage radiophonic creepiness from a lost golden age ….









Peel Acres corner – a show from September ’82 …..

… sure to cause arguments and conjecture around the disintegrating family Sunday lunch table, the esteemed Quietus folk select 40 of the most disturbing sounds to have graced vinyl, Tom Jones eh ……


…. Time for some ‘high fidelity’…..

James Flora anyone ……

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/234525137″>Grandpa's Ghost Stories Trailer</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user10144896″>Feral House</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Stuff we missed …. Something from Fat Cat from two years ago …. This is the quite divine …. Cirkl ….


a little bit late to the party with this one, originally released way back in 2010, this is British Radiophonics and ‘a tribute to the Radiophonic Workshop’ – how we missed this first time around is beyond us, yet given the interest of the strange sounds emanating from the Maida Vale based studios and what with the first fresh new recordings from the celebrated collective hitting turntables, it seems apt that this should be rooted out and dusted down for inspection. Certainly, something that ought to chime well with those A year in the country, akiha den den and polytechnic youth devotees among you given its cut with wonderfully authentic weird ear vintage – available as a free download would you believe …… https://britishradiophonics.bandcamp.com/  

Contact resources….

Email – marklosingtoday@gmail.com

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/thesundayexperience

Word press – marklosingtoday.wordpress.com

Twitter – @marklosingtoday

Physical – 46 Webster Avenue, BOOTLE, Merseyside, L20 9JF, UK

… end grooves …

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