vibracathedral orchestra

Not, I’ll admit, the best way to hear the new Vibracathedral Orchestra album, I’d rather hear it on my hi-fi, a nice looking late 80’s Aiwa in case you’re asking, that rumbles fearsomely to life the minute the on button is fired up. Anyhow before we rudely interrupted ourselves, I do believe we were talking new groove from Vibracathedral Orchestra, strangely enough through Vanity Case who I assumed had either given up the ghost or more probably, as the case may be, decided to stop talking to us. Indeed, two shocks in the space of five minutes, appears the blighters have been peppering the clued-up cognoscenti with all manner of releases, one of which by Geese which we missed and now fear sleepless nights until we hear. Anyway latest to their formidably diverse and off radar catalogue this new live one from VCO imaginatively titled – er ‘live at Total Inertia’ – which comes pressed on limited slabs of white wax sized 10 inches. In truth, a wig flipping test of endurance replete with skronked out horns, head frying electronics and freeform freakery the likes of which, the partaking of chemical substances or peace pipe tooting might well assist in fathoming some notion of sense from out of lysergically beardy fog that they cook up here which for the second time this very evening I’m very much tempted to drop the name – er – Volcano the Bear into a write up. That said those who admire their sonic mantras somewhat turned slowly on a weird ear psych primordial stew will do well to subscribe, me – well I’m off to refamiliarize myself with the ways of Ma Cherie for Painting before I even dare jump back into the mind melting and off its box mosaics afoot here.  


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