adam probert

First up on the evenings listening roster, word reaches us of cassette store day action from the admired sonic entrails tape camp what with limited outings for both ‘the doxey boggart’ and ‘Satan’s Bee Keeper’ glaring menacingly from the shadows. So while we try to secure whatever sound clips that we can summon forth from the aural abyss, here’s the labels latest. From Adam Probert, this is the disquieting ‘famine’ here retuned and retooled as the ‘non bio mix’. Reading between the lines, seems the spoken word recordings of Mr Probert has been sent forth to the darkest and strangest of places for extreme sonic examination, this particular track attracting our earlobes mainly for the fact that aside sounding so tormented and devoid of hope, has something of a minimalist remoteness attaching to it that had us much minded of those sore thumbs, middex, albeit here as though haunted in psychotropic disturbia, in fact the older among you are advised to root out Element’s ‘sore blaster’ set for creeping bent for close listening reference.

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