Bill MacKay & Ryley Walker

Be honest now, isn’t this rather smoking. Images of setting sun dappled prairies and a sense of the haze hued sleepy great wide open stretching far into the horizon are instantly recalled, its lazy eyed sighing slumber, an intricate tapestry of drifting delta blues agelessly distilled and flavoured with a timeless sonic craftmanship that admittedly might first hint of John Fahey, yet when uncorked and allowed to brief has the ghosts of Blind Willie Mctell and Mississippi John Hurt sitting on its shoulder. This is ‘lonesome traveller’ by Bill MacKay & Ryley Walker, a track pulled from their forthcoming collaborative full length ‘SpiderBeetleBee’ out shortly via drag city.


10/20/17 @ Acme Records in Milwaukee, WI

10/21/17 @ Constellation in Chicago, IL

10/22/17 @ Magnetic South in Bloomington, IN

10/23/17 @ Al’s Bar in Lexington, KY

10/24/17 @ The Pilot Light @ Knoxville, TN

10/25/17 @ The Mothlight in Asheville, NC

10/26/17 @ Pale Fire Brewery in Harrisburg, VA

10/27/17 @ Betty’s Bar and Grill in Nashville, TN

10/28/17 @ The Spot in Lafayette, IN

11/4/17  @ Forest Hills Lodge in Rockford, IL

11/24/17 @ Rozz-Tox in  Rock Island, IL

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