angel olsen

Isn’t this just, like … wow. Not for the first time this missive that we’ve found words failing us, though in the case of this one, there’s good reason. This just purrs with supernatural seduction, at once ghostly and spectral, there’s a kind of Velveteen haloing attaching to the hollowed psych soaked skeletal soul blues smoking forth here, which while we are minded to say that this orbits territories frequented by, say, Charlotte Gainsbourg’s retrimming of ‘hey joe’ from a few years ago, there’s enough of the sublime afoot to have this sitting next to anything featuring the tones of Tess Parks which before we forget it might be best to mention that this is Angel Olsen courtesy of a track lifted from a forthcoming JagJaguwar happening called ‘phases’ this one going by the name ‘special’.


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2 Responses to angel olsen

  1. Penny Courtney says:

    Quite extraordinary, thanks for turning me on to this one!

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