oliver cherer

I do wish people would warn me about these releases, almost missed this one, in which case there would have been some fairly glum looking gurning goings on in our gaff. A new one from Oliver Cherer whose various alter egos and sonic guises we can barely keep up with these days – see – the Assistant, Rhododendron, Gilroy Mere et al. via Wayside and Woodland, another label that have thus far, managed to annoyingly sneak beneath our radar, this is ‘the myth of violet meek’ which give you a bit of a flavouring goes something like this …. ‘… a true story, about the hounding of some travelling entertainers and their dancing bears and how the bears were killed by a mob in revenge for an invented attack on a local girl in the woods between Cinderford and Ruardean’. See it’s not all about that boy meets girl nonsense and stuff, rather more this one comes tasted in a chill, each peeled chord and rustic sigh of the strings revealing a little more of the dark deeds at play. For our part we here are a little taken by ‘delicate blooms’ its sweet macabre issuing forth an intoxicating bewitchment that’s dizzily spell formed in a ghost toned traditional folk tongue that peers through the woodland mists like some eerie apparition, something all said that ought to appeal to those Hare and the Moon and sand snowman loving folk among you. http://digital.waysideandwoodland.com/track/delicate-blooms 

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