tonfedd oren

Mentioned a missive or so ago that we’d had word from John Brenton (Metrotone, Landshipping….), alas the seeds of those ISAN related hatchlings haven’t as yet borne fruit, so while we feverishly wait, here’s a little something from one of his many guises Tonfedd Oren. Peeled from a retrospective set released by Enraptured a little while back entitled ‘AM, FM etc….’, this is ‘80au’. Now I don’t know about you, but would I be right in saying that this one pilots the kind of sonic trajectories familiarly found frequenting the polytechnic youth imprint. A kosmische astral glide on the information highway at cruise control, its frequency settings training on wavelengths oscillating between a debut album nostalgic futurism envisaged by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark and an equally youthful New Order with the palette sumptuously obscured and stirred with a starry pop classicism by a certain Karl Bartos.

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