born shit stirrers

I’m guessing what we need right now is some abrasive Japanese punk, these are the charmingly named Born Shit Stirrers who hail from Fukuoka, this be their latest full length. Going by the name ‘Richard and Judy’ the liner notes ominously warn ‘…..any ….. we forgot to slag on this album will be getting it on the next one’, I bet they’re real nice folk in real life, just when gathered into a studio and left to their own devices they speed through at 100mph hurling insults and agitation like there’s  no tomorrow atop two chord scuzz bombs, Now me, well I’m instantly back face to face with my younger self ears a bleeding on a diet of Discharge, the Exploited, the Minutemen, Public Disgrace and all manner of second gen pogo-a-hula. Twenty tracks feature here, seriously it’ll take up about 10 minutes of your time to get from start to finish, all riotous fun flashed through in a fast, furious and festering anthem chanting gouging. Most disturbed moment being a cover of the Rapists’ grim ‘fucking disgrace’ while the best by a Mohican and studded belt is the baiting ‘half of what’ and the devilishly delinquent ‘9 volt brain’.


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