Another we accidentally tripped across on a recent wander around band camp, this be the parting track from the Idylls latest full length ‘the barn’ entitled ‘in the barn’. Hells teeth these dudes can kick up a cacophonic storm for what first had us gladdened that the fading memories of the Boys Next Door where still being rekindled in some safe corner of Australia, Brisbane to be precise, soon begins to mutate, unravel and manifest into a squalling freeform freak storm, the force and sheer brutality of which near had us flattened upon the listening wall. Fused with a definable brooding Shellac / Big Black scowl, this wired and frenzied slab of agit armoured attrition revels in the kind of scorching skree scabbing melee many might find the drawing of comparisons with both Tayside Mental Health and Sissy Spacek a tad apt.

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