andreas spechtl

Not had a chance as yet to play the incoming Andreas Spechtl set for Bureau B all the way through, our laptop is momentarily in the middle of a tantrum and refusing to offer up the tracks from our newly delivered download. I’m suspecting a quiet word accompanied by a showing of variously plucked sharp instruments from the tool box might be needed as a persuader. That said we did get to hear the parting offering ‘hidden homes’. A wonderfully remote ghost light that stands alone from the sets overall Marrakesh-ian vibes, soured in reflection and a mournful beauty, the cavernously toned ebbing opines married to the hush vocal treatments, instil a spectral majesty from whose observation point a bruising sigh whispers across a sonic landscape fractured and scorched by the softly fizzed spray of riff burns, which all said had us much minded of a youthful Tex La Homa. The album incidentally, is titled ‘Thinking About Tomorrow, And How To Build It’ as said due via Bureau B this coming early November time.

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