mitra mitra

Loosely staying with the ‘captive’ theme – and you thought we just threw these musings together with a degree of chaotic glee, hard work this subtle link like threading I’ll have you know. Here’s something a little wonderful heading out of the peripheral minimal sound house, which to much annoyance, the fanfaring details about we’ve temporarily lost sight of. Anyhow from what we recall, an album arriving soon from Mitra Mitra which I think, and indeed hope, we are right in saying, will be previewed by a rather slickly sassy set of remixes this one being the ‘captive mix’ of ‘blender’ as reinterpreted by Iv / An. This smoking slice of chill toned cool cuts musical shapes interweaving elements of classic Warp vibes with the pristinely analogue hypno grooves of a youthful Expanding imprint – see Benge, Vessel, Cathode et al and sets them seductively on a remotely tuned futuristic club floor fashioning courted with an ice toned Moroder imagining that ripe for lights lowered listening.


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