we were prepping ourselves to spending the rest of the evening completing a review of the latest Wilhaeven full length, when this one ghosted into our listening space during a time out cup of coffee and quick smoke moment. In truth we couldn’t pass up on this a moment longer without a mention. New from Tuvaband, who are shortly to be doing a Rough Trade in store – 27/10 followed by an appearance at the Mirror’s Festival the day after, this is ‘trees’. What can we say, smitten in the first instance, at once ghostly and beguiling, yet cut deep with a wounding bruising, its spectral framing shimmering ghost like between the forlorn and the hymnal, its caress soft and genteel somewhat mourned and ached in grief stricken sorrow, the effect exquisite, touching and tormenting on the defences. In short, truly one of those rare moment where you are struck dumfounded and totally entranced. https://soundcloud.com/brilliance/trees

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