timemazine #10 teaser

Just ordered our copy of this, so you expect fond words fairly soon once the swirls of our bulging eyeballs have settled to normal vision following the tripping happenings peeling from the pages and our wigged-out earlobes have acclimatised from the freakish sounds emanating from the accompanying CD and split 7 inch within. Latest issue of TimeMazine is among us, a tenth issue celebration that time warps us back to that golden year 1967. All manner of wig flipping grooviness within with interviews and features on love, the nightshadows, sir robin and the longbowmen, echo train and more besides. Includes a turntable turn on CD featuring 18 tracks of zonked out psych love from the likes of the Magic Bus, the Snails, Seventh Ring of Saturn et al along with a cornucopia of unreleased nuggets from Nirvana and Big Foot. As though that wasn’t enough there’s a seven inch split wax gem on a choice off colours featuring exclusive highs from Vibravoid and Echo Train, see spaced out teaser trailer for ordering info……

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