… and talking of brief teaser tastes, here’s a very ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ excerpt of forthcoming chill escaping from out of the Bored Machines sound house. From trio WK569, a homage to sound alchemist Marino Zuccheri. Indeed, a forgotten founding architect in the development of electronic music, a sound engineer at the forward-thinking Milan RAI Electronic Music Studio, Zuccheri has remained a name only known to the few. Information about him is nigh on scant, no make that very nearly non-existent, don’t believe, then type it into google and see what returns. He died several years ago, clearly sick and frail, he had been buoyed that the label die schachtel where planning to release his ‘parete’ opus, alas he would never see its release passing away shortly before its appearance. Determined to keep his memory alive, and no doubt bring his name into more common conversation, WK569’s homage is honed with that pioneering vintage tone, harsh, acute and unworldly, it emerges from the dark side of the Radiophonic Workshop in particular Daphne Oram though immersed with the technique of Stockhausen and Henry, much reminiscent it should be said, of the brutally out there soundscapes that backdropped the ‘Quatermass’ series, machine rock in its purest form.

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