raptor koch

not enough Frank Zappa covers in the world of pop for our liking, so is it any wonder we were onto this in an eye blink. A stunning re-reading of ‘hungry freaks daddy’ by Raptor Koch, the Mothers were the ultimate outsider band – freaked, fried and above all insanely fun, this version a near faithful reminder as to how impish and zany they were into the bargain infusing all with a fracturing kaleidoscopic waywardness that’s sumptuously threaded with a tripping blues beat swing, oodles of west coast mellowness and healthy helping of freak pop goofiness. Also features the much-underused kazoo which along with whistling, harmonicas, hiccupping and dog barks ought to be songcraft mainstays. https://soundcloud.com/raptorkoch/hungry-freaks-daddy-mothers-of-invention-cover

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