dukes of scuba #1

little bit of a heads up for something we promised to mention earlier, a message from the North Wales Sound Art Society alerting us to their freshly pressed ‘Dukes of Scuba’ fanzine. These dudes shed the light on all things noise / drone / Avant grot/improv and dictaphonix – the latter of which, a genre I’m suspecting we really must do our level best to tap into. Anyhow issue 1 is among us, for the princely sum of one new pound you get in return an A6 fold out zine featuring all manner of the above – a little pic accompanying their band camp order page hints of features on our glassie azoth though here erroneously noted arzoth – who are we to say, still smarting over the Bong Fish / Wish cock up – ahem – and Yokonono. Anyway, we’ve ordered our copy, guess there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do the same. https://nwsas.bandcamp.com/merch/dukes-of-scuba-a6-music-zine-issue-1  

Dukes Of Scuba - A6 music zine issue #1 main photo

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