Disques d’Or: Sélection

…. back with that rather spiffing ‘Disques d’Or: Sélection’ split cassette release from the Gare Du Nord and WIAIWYA sound houses with a special thanks to Ian at GdN for shipping out so fast. A lovely looking tape release, which frankly we’ve kept sealed though whether that was the wisest idea we’ve had all day remains to be seen given we are having issues with the download code that it arrived with. The joys of advancing years young people, bet ya can’t wait. Anyhow squeezing a few more mentions for a trio or more of selections you’ll find adoring its ferric housing, first up being ‘the willow girl’ by Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates which I don’t mind saying has had us a tad smitten not least because there’s a ghostly melancholy courting about its tender framing that in an instant had us much recalling the alluring shadowy folk of Rhys Marsh in so much as evoking that self same poetic tenderness and frail winter toned head bowed classicist romance whose roots sigh to a lineage drawing back to Nick Drake. Previously unknown to us, Ben Reed serves up the quite delicious ‘maniac man’ which in truth happily bobs about casually buoyed a softly tingling and delicately spun subtle MOR pop motif which had we not any better would have suspected, had resulted from an evening studio lock in gathering oddfellows casino, andy partridge and the brigadier. And how could we resist not mentioning Citizen Helene’s ‘how can you find somebody to love’ here remixed and remodelled into an extended variant and given a slickly nocturnally chic toned club floor purring shimmy or two with the addition of some smoky glazing and an amorphous vapour-esque ghosting. Victoria and Jacob’s ‘Festival’  rounds out the set, this one being recut by Johan Hedberg and a result finding itself sumptuously kissed with a tropical spraying of love noted Balearic after burns. https://garedunordrecords.bandcamp.com/album/disques-dor-s-lection-gare-du-nord-wiaiwya-compilation

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