the whip angels and ix tab

We were of half a mind to leave this until the end of the month, Halloween looming so on and so forth, but this being Friday the 13th, we thought we’d spread the chill a little. Goosebumps aside not to mention the visuals depicting a lady in black almost floating gently with ne’er do well intent in mind with mini scythe in hand is all very jeepers creepers. Add to the mix the grainy monochrome filmics and the deathly score attaching, prowling as though summoned from supernatural means and all of a sudden, the sun goes into hiding and an overhanging sense of anxiety and troubling trepidation stirs with black hearted emptiness. This be Whip Angels hooked up to IX Tab for the aptly titled ‘death is coming’. The plot thickens when you follow the link to the bandcamp page for an extended version of ‘The Smoke and The Birds (Fuck in Paris Remix)’ whereupon matters take a seemingly wrong turn towards a place you really don’t want to visit in daytime let alone darkness. For here a portal opens, perhaps through a Scrying mirror, to a place beyond, where dreams, nightmares, legend and myth cross weave dissolving perceptions and beliefs to uncannily harvest a deepening sense of entombed disturbia.

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