club night

going to make a small confession in saying that I swear I’ve seen press shots from Tiny Engines filling up our in box which due to mass email panic and shortgage of time, we’ve thus far let pass us by. Let’s just say, if the quality of ear gear is as good as this here recently new thing from Club Night, then we will be sitting up with baited breath awaiting those missives in future. So while we rummage around in various mail boxes gathering up those errant press notes, as said, here’s Club Night with the rather spiffing and stupidly addictive ‘rally’, pulled from their ‘hell ya’ EP this effervescently angular nugget taps sublimely into that whole noise pop niceness that once upon a time seemed to be the privilege of labels such as marquis cha cha and art goes pop and latterly by say emotional response, threading a wonderful spiky blister kissed bubblegum gem that in truth had us at times imagining the Go Team being detuned by a particularly impish Quickspace.

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